What are S.Well Points?

S.WELL POINTS are a way to track all the little ways you can make a difference in your health every day. These are to remind you that healthy living doesn’t have to be a huge adjustment or major change to your lifestyle. There are plenty of ways you can have a healthy day even if you have an ice cream cone or skip your workout!


In my years of experience, one thing that consistently stands out as the biggest contributor to a person’s failure to stay focused on their health goals is feeling like he or she has made an unhealthy choice or they have “failed” at their healthy plan for the day.

I created this point system so you can see ALL of the choices you make all day to live a healthier lifestyle. Now you can see, track and celebrate all of the healthy choices you may not even be aware you are or could be making! You are constantly in control of your health and wellness and can easily hop right back on track if you veer off.

More than achieving your health and wellness goals, I want you to see that there are no bad choices. There are only choices! Make them and move on. And, more importantly, celebrate you for choosing to prioritize your health when you can.

You’re amazing.

REMEMBER: One brownie or one missed Pilates class will ABSOLUTELY not derail your progress. But throwing in the towel and saying, “Well, I already ate that brownie, I may as well have a few more,“ might.


Every day, there are 20 points to choose from. Start small and work your way up from there. In no way are you expected to get all 20 points in a day — but you can if you want! Each week, we’ll set a goal and see how you do with it. Make sure you feel comfortable adjusting the goal when you need to. If you can tell that you aren’t getting in the number of points you had hoped you would, dial it back a bit. You didn’t fail; you are adjusting so you can ensure your success.

Just starting out?

Choose S.Well Points and set your goal at 6/day and see if you can make that happen! Too much?! Reset your goal a bit lower - or bump it up higher if you’re finding 6 pretty easy!

Each week or two, increase your goal and work your way up to a number that feels good and gets you where you want to be! We can incorporate health in many different ways. Big and small changes will all have a positive effect on your overall health. You can also tweak any of these to fit your lifestyle and needs! When you’re hitting 12-13 consistently and feel like you need to upgrade, switch over to Savage Points and dive in deeper!

It’s all about you!

The standard set of points is listed as S.Well Points. This is a great place to start! If you start to settle in to getting the same points each day and progress is slowing, mix it up! Find new points or new goals to push you outside of your comfort zone and help you focus on the areas you need to make the most change. When you feel like you need to dive in even deeper, you’re ready to check out the Savage Points where you can play around more with varying values on each of the points - these are designed to help you quantify the healthy effects of each point a bit more, making finding the balance that will create change even more effective.

Download it here:

Okay, sounds great! But, how were these daily goals chosen and what’s the idea behind them?

I have a been a personal trainer for almost a decade now. Before that I was among the best acrobats in the world and before that I was a National Champion equestrian vaulter, a gymnast, and a coach. I am no stranger to healthy living. However, growing up and being surrounded by athletes and coaches my whole life, what I saw in every scenario was an all or nothing approach to “being healthy.”

As gymnasts, vaulters, and acrobats, we focused on our weight to an extreme. We fueled our bodies for optimal performance. Our happiness and satisfaction were pushed aside for our “healthy body” goals. And when we were on vacation or not competing or in training mode, we went all out in the other direction - eating loaves of bread, cartons of ice cream and binge-watching TV and movies.


When I quit performing do you know what I was most excited about? Not eating. I had it in my head that now that I don’t need to be fueling my body, I can finally lose the bulk of my muscles and slim down like those waifs I’ve always admired on magazine covers. To do that, obviously, I can’t eat and now I was finally able to live my dream of - what? Being anorexic? I knew the binging and purging weren’t getting me to the weight I wanted (I’d been doing that for years - spoiler: we all do). So now here I am, ready and excited to STARVE. Crazy right? Literally crazy.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 10.20.56 AM.png

But without the hours of training and stress of shows, you know what I found? Life. I found my incredible husband and going on vacations and enjoying life without focusing on my body and weight. I found the joy of balance and eating burgers and fries and drinking margaritas without guilt, finding activities that I enjoyed and eating healthy when I could so I could keep doing all the stuff I loved.

As I transitioned to motherhood, a whole new set of struggles and expectations and the idea of being perfect set in once again. And I tanked (You can read all about that here, if you’re interested). As I struggled to climb out of two years of postpartum depression, that idea of balance kept calling to me. Was it possible to find balance even with two kids and a job and a husband in school? That’s when I started focusing on the small things. The little ways I can take care of myself every day that will have a huge effect. The power of accumulation was my new focus.

So I created small goals to accomplish each day. As I did more and more research and put these points into play with my clients, I developed a set of 20 goals that would keep me healthy during any given day. Pick a number to hit that challenges you to make healthy choices and work your way up. S.Well Points were born and out of it a whole new way to live healthy and be happy. Check it out! Boom. Simple, attainable, sustainable, healthy living.