Pam - Mama to 4 Boys

"Shannon has such a gift!! Both in how she connects with people, how she knows how to move her body, how she know how to move other's bodies, her knowledge about all things "healthy-body and mind", and her mental strength and vibrancy - it's an unbeatable package!  Highly addictive!! LOVE. LOVE.LOVE Shannon!!! Greatest workout experience EVER!! 😄"


"Love love LOVE everything about Savage Wellness! Shannon has somehow managed to create a program that is realistic, fun, challenging and really gives you that kick in the pants you need to meet your personal goals. I love her and I love what she does!"

Mercedes - Doctor and mom of 2

“This program is fantastic! Shannon’s message is so positive and relatable to so many moms, it's awesome! “

REBECCA - Work from home mom of 2

"This girl is on fire! Shannon has been an amazing support. Part of getting healthy is working on your mind AND your body. It took me so long to get that. I just wanted to feel better and see results but I wasn't doing a total body wellness check. Shannon has been such a strong motivator. Savage Wellness Programs are designed to help you make changes at the pace that works for you and you absolutely get results. For me it was overnight! She helps you find balance and encourages healthy habits without depriving yourself. No more starving myself to see results and then wondering why I feel so bad! 

Shannon guides you through excellent training programs that work with your body. I recently had a second baby and suffer from a slipped disc injury so I felt like I had no hope. Shannon designed several different training program that worked with my situation and I feel so much stronger. It's been an amazing ride and I am so grateful for finding her and being able to work with her through various stages. She always keeps it real! Love this program and love this girl!"


"Shannon’s Wellness Program is amazing!! Everyone needs this in their life! Shannon helped me get back into shape (mind and body!) after having my second baby and I have never felt better! She is all about creating a healthy lifestyle and finding balance that works for you. Shannon supplies you with all the tools for nutrition, workouts, and wellness! Along the way she works with you to organically create a healthy lifestyle and routines that stick. Love her and this amazing program she has created."

Yie Yee - Doctor and mom of 4

“With Shannon's amazing inspiration and positive vibe, I have started exercising for the first time since 2010 (my first pregnancy). I start my workday at 7 am, and it's hard for me to workout before work or once I get home, so I made a little office-gym. It's getting the job done!“

Mike - Photographer

“We need sleep, clean food, and exercise to stay healthy. It's not rocket surgery. The crazy thing is that those are the first things we give up when we get 'busy.' Then our health suffers and our productivity goes down and we try to work harder and cut back on more of the things that will actually make us perform better and live better.

A couple months ago I started gaining weight and waking up every morning feeling like I never slept and just generally feeling stressed out and overwhelmed all the time. Obviously that's not ideal. I have injuries that keep me from doing a lot of athletic activities and I love ribs and sushi way too much to give that up for dry salad and quinoa. Nor do I have time to go to the gym every day. So WTF do I do?! 

Shannon got me on a nutrition plan that's insanely easy to stay on. I don't have to give up sushi or ribs. (hell yeah!) And I have ways to stay active during the week when I can't make it to the gym. In 3 weeks, I'm down 13lbs, I sleep better than I have in a long time, and I have tons of energy. I feel like I can take over the world!”

Denisse - Mom of 2 girls

“"I feel stronger, happier and prettier. I love me even more now!"“


"I’ve really enjoyed working with Shannon. She’s funny and “real” and has really great advice. I’m a hockey player that has been struggling since injuring my back in 2009; since starting with Shannon six months ago, my game has improved significantly — even my teammates are commenting. I would happily recommend Shannon and Savage Wellness to anyone!"


"I recently completed Shannon’s Six Weeks to Wellness Challenge and am now continuing on with a monthly subscription plan with Shannon. Shannon is *amazing* and I cannot recommend her and her program strongly enough! I came to Shannon with a significant amount of weight to lose (over 50 pounds). I never fully lost the weight after my first child was born and I was now winding up my maternity leave from my second child. Before becoming a Mom, I had been pretty active, healthy, and in-shape. But I never really learned how to be healthy once my lifestyle changed with having kids (and moving to the burbs!). It was time for some big changes- I desperately needed not only to lose weight, but also to learn how to be healthy in my new life- both for myself and as a model for my kids. But I had no idea how to start. Enter Shannon. Shannon worked with me to create a program that would work for me and my lifestyle- a working Mom with two jobs, vegetarian, picky eater, emotional eater, etc.! She uses a holistic approach that targets overall health and wellness- including weight loss, but so much more. She structures a plan that involves healthy eating (but not starve-yourself dieting in any way, shape, or form!), exercise (including small workouts you can squeeze in just about any time, any place), and overall wellness. She helps you make changes that are realistic, achievable, and sustainable. She taught me that even small changes can have big results- every little healthy choice counts towards overall wellness! Shannon is there to support you every step of the way. She is encouraging, inspiring, and motivating while also being understanding, empathetic, and realistic. She really is just an amazing person with a unique and positive approach that truly works to improve health, fitness, and wellness. After fully committing to the six-week challenge, and with Shannon’s help every step of the way, I am now living a much healthier lifestyle and am down 21 pounds! I am healthier, more fit, and in a better state of wellness than I’ve been in many years. My family and I are so grateful to have found her and her program."

Penelope - Lawyer and Mom of 2

“I finally feel like I have momentum. Shifted my whole schedule to 5:30 wake ups to make time for morning workouts and for the first time in my entire life, exercising feels luxurious instead of burdensome and boring. It’s weird, and I’m sure has everything to do with the realities of motherhood. I’ll take it!“

Kate - Doctor and mom of 3

“I feel awesome. I'm so grateful to you, Shannon. I was already making some positive changes to my activity level the few weeks before starting this program, but now I have more structure and encouragement to make them last. I really love it! I'm not as hard on myself as I usually am, and love how my body and mind feel. I’ve come to the realization that my weekly workouts are not optional anymore... with or without family. They are a necessity to my well being. I love how my default has changed. Before this course, it was a big deal if I got some exercise in. Now, it seems like a big deal if I didn't. I am constantly finding ways to incorporate healthy choices into my day, and I feel like something is off if I haven't exercised. I LOVE that! Thank you, Shannon, for unlocking this door for me. YOU are awesome! “


“I recently completed Shannon’s ‘Six weeks to wellness’ program and I am thrilled with the results! With working part-time and having two young kids to take care of the other half of my time I was struggling to stick to my diet and was finding very little time to do any serious exercise. Enter Shannon and all that got solved! She worked with me on my preferred diet plan and showed me how to incorporate exercise back into my life. Most importantly she made me realize how even small efforts here and there can have big results, without having to make it to the gym the whole time. Shannon takes a holistic approach and focusses on your general wellbeing too, like sleep, healthy eating, positive thinking, meditation, etc. I was in it for the weight loss and fitness and didn’t really think much about how this would benefit me, but it really did. At the end of the six weeks I was slimmer (dropped nearly two dress sizes), fitter, stronger and felt more balanced and rested and of course happier! Six weeks was just the right timeframe to reset, see some really great progress and build a workable ‘wellness plan’ that I can now take forwards on my own. I might add that I completed this program all remotely and it worked out really well. I cannot recommend Shannon highly enough; she is fun, kind, perceptive, pushes you when you need it, but also so supportive. I am so happy that I signed up with Shannon and will definitely be checking back in with her when I need to revamp my program. Shannon is the best self-care package out there!”


“Shannon is a fantastic trainer, the best I’ve ever worked with. Shannon’s workouts are individualized and challenging, and she is a very interesting and fun person, too. I’ve been working with Shannon for the last seven month and have seen excellent results —- I have more energy, more strength, more coordination, and much less weight. When starting the training program, I could not fit into one of my jackets because it was too small; now I still cannot wear it because it became too large. Thank you Shannon, you are the best!”


“I worked with Shannon just focusing on my nutrition. We decided Isagenix was a good option for my busy lifestyle. The Isagenix clean nutrition reset is definitely the most effective diet I’ve done before (and I’ve done strict calorie counting and others off and on for years). But I fully committed and have stuck to the diet pretty religiously for the past 50 days … and as part of that I’m exercising 5-6 days a week, have cut out sugars/junk food pretty much 100% and am tracking my food intake daily. So a big thing has not only be the easy way to ensure a good diet but the mindset of changing a lot of the unhealthy habits I had fallen into … no point in doing cleansing once a week and everything else if I don’t try to make the most of it. As a result, in 50 days I’m down over 26 lbs (a weight I haven’t seen in 5 years) and have lost over 4.5 inches on my waist alone. Needless to say I’m shopping for new pants … or dusting off things that have been hidden for awhile!”


“For my first 40 years, I guiltily admit that any consistent attention to my bodily fitness wasn’t ever high on my agenda. Being an academic, I should have known better; that mind and body are not so disconnected.  But, after having my second child at age 41, and not feeling I was up to the task of running a career, a young family, and being a part of the ‘sandwich generation’, I realized I had to do something to make myself stronger.  That’s when I found Shannon. What luck!  Shannon is a real educator, not just a fitness expert.  She works with the whole person and understands so much about how the body actually works that she designs your workouts with the aim of resetting your overall health profile.  She personalizes every aspect of her teaching, so that each workout is different, but you feel yourself getting stronger over time.  I love that she helps me understand the physiological benefits each exercise. I can’t recommend Shannon more highly!  She’s the best.  Contact her for personalized, attentive, and life-enhancing workouts!  Your body – and mind – will thank you.”


“I have gained so much strength, insurance, stamina, and muscle working with Shannon. She took so much time researching and reviewing my specific, very detailed needs with spine and neck injuries I’ve had and diastasis recti from my pregnancies. She even communicated with my physical therapist to ensure our workouts were in line with her areas of focus, which of course they were. Shannon is flexible with scheduling and each session has a different, detailed, custom, and well researched training program. I feel and look great after my sessions with Shannon, and I am excited for many more!”


“I started working out with Shannon after having my second baby boy. She is extremely knowledgeable about the proper and most effective ways to start getting back in shape postpartum. Shannon is fun and energetic, practical and encouraging. She has helped me come up with a schedule to balance work, the kids and a workout routine. Shannon is the best – I love my time with her!”


“I have worked with Shannon for years.  You will never find a more invigorating workout or better stretch afterward.  I came to Shannon because I had had several injuries and seemed to continually re-injure myself.  Shannon determined that I was using small muscle groups to do all the work because my large muscle groups weren’t strong enough.  Shortly after beginning work with Shannon, I was able to go back to all of the activities I love and really go all out without worrying about re-injury.  I also have much more peace of mind now when I ski!  It feels great!”


“I have been training with Shannon for several months now and plan to continue. My first training was on my birthday in 2016 and so far, she has been the best “present” I have received. When I first met Shannon, I was post, double-mastectomy with a knee injury  I was looking to rehab my upper body and begin to lose weight while getting stronger. During this process, Shannon has been such a wonderful stalwart of health and fitness but also a genuine supporter of me and my goals. When I have been down, she has lifted me up. Make no mistake, she is tough, but she is kind. The workouts she creates are carefully crafted to provide a hard workout without causing pain or injury. I have found Shannon to be both an optimist and a realist – the perfect combination. My journey is not finished, but I already feel so much better and no longer have chronic pain. I highly recommend Shannon without reservation to anyone wanting to not only become more fit, but to have a healthier lifestyle. “


“Shannon was a huge help in finding the right weight loss program for my wife and I. We had tried many different ways to establish healthy nutrition and sustainable weightloss in our lives and none were working for us. Using the Isagenix reset and Shannon’s coaching, we immediately saw results, felt our energy spike, sleep improve and our ability to add regular fitness into our lives became as priority as well. As two full time working professionals with two kids, we simplified our lives, lost inches and weight, and feel like we made the change we had been needing to make for years. We couldn’t have done it without Shannon’s guidance and support and it couldn’t have been easier!”


“Shannon is AMAZING!!  She is kind, friendly and fierce!  She is the best trainer I’ve ever worked with and she truly help transform my post-baby body.   She is enthusiastic, but not obnoxious.  She is compassionate, but doesn’t let you get “lazy.”  Spending time with her was really enjoyable.  I am so grateful for her!”

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