Home Workouts: The Key to An Effective and Sustainable Fitness Routine (BONUS Workout Included!)

Let's talk about home workouts.

Wait! Don't stop reading yet. I know I know - it's not easy and, for some, it feels impossible. And, of course, IF we are going to get in a workout, we LOVE getting to a fitness class where we can sweat and shake and feel all that fat and booze crying its way out of our system.

We wash away our unhealthy choices to the tune of Bruno Mars as our quads burn, sweat trickles down our belly rolls and Marci, with her chiseled biceps, turns down the lights, shoves a candle in our face and shout-whispers affirmations through her head-mic.

It's redemption. "That's fitness," we tell ourselves. "I sweat it out, so now I am the picture of health!"

And if you're into that kind of thing (or it's less intense counter parts - which, to be clear, I am!), it's even harder to consider working out at home - with incandescent lighting, no sub-woofers, and...sigh... no Marci.

But being able to get to class consistently, freeing up that time in our busy #momlife weeks, is hard to do -- let alone sustain. And even if our resolve stays strong, getting to enough classes per week to have the impact we are looking for, is, for most people, unrealistic.

So what gives? How do we make this happen? Are we mamas doomed to feel pudgy, back burnered and a slave to sugar and any hope of extra sleep, or is there another way to make it work?

For many of us, working out at home is not only unappealing but it just doesn't work...out. No motivation, no idea what to do, too many distractions, and it's not very fun.

But, in a busy life we can't always find the time to do it all. And if we try, we drop some pretty important balls - often choosing between mental health and physical health, forgetting that they are tied together.

The more we prioritize one over the other, the farther the other falls and we end up in a hole so deep full of both physical and mental unease that we have no idea how to begin the climb out.

So let's start climbing!

Prioritize the small actions you can take. Success is built one tiny step at a time. Strive for continuous improvement to your health every day, no matter how small, and you will reach the top of that mountain. And it will feel awesome.

If you want to live a life that feels good and if you want to stop trying and start crushing your goals, I'm putting my foot down and telling you you need to get a home workout into your routine.

You can absolutely focus on getting to classes and making it to the gym, but you NEED a plan B for the times you can't. You just do. That's how you stay consistent and, more importantly, that's how you stay in control.

And feeling in control of your health and happiness is KEY to finding it and sustaining it.

Some weeks, months, or even years, you may not need your plan B. But much like the anxiety medication I carry in my purse ;) - it's just nice knowing it's there (and some days, weeks, and even months, I'm sure glad I have it on me)!

You see, your health is not an all or nothing thing. It just can't be. And I (probably much like you) am an all or nothing kind of girl. While that may have worked in our 20s, it's not going to carry us through this crazy life anymore.

So let's adjust, let's commit, and let's get to the top and f***ing enjoy the view!

Let's take a month to reimagine your ideal fitness routine - just try. I guarantee you'll love the results!

Need ideas for your home workouts? Don't worry, I've got plenty! Check out this workout* (click the button below to download the link to the video AND a PDF of the workout.) I snuck in while the kids were getting some TV time before swim practice - fun for everyone - try it out for yourself! Get this one in at least one time this week - message me and let me know how it went (or, better yet, post about it and tag me!)


Stay awesome,


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