Effective Pain Relief Tips for Busy Moms (PLUS Free Core Workout)

Sometimes it's hard to get started with a workout routine! 

And for some people, diving in is the easy part but it leads to burn out or, likely, an injury that bumps you right back down onto that couch - conveniently next to a bag of chips. And some donuts. And an order of Chinese food.

So for those of you ready to jump on board the Healthy Holiday Express with me in November (it's not as boring as it sounds - plenty of treats and cocktails on this train!), I'm starting you off with a great core workout to help get you a solid foundation of strength going so you can head into the Holidays with a healthy body and stay injury free so you can hit your goals!

Ever notice how those hip flexors can tighten up quickly? Ever get some twinges in the low back? Mid back getting achey? Feeling those quads burning and the tush is back there jiggling away?

Sometimes the movement patterns we have established (even those of you already working out a bunch - maybe ESPECIALLY you) aren't as healthy as you think.

So when you should be utilizing the abs for your workout (or daily life!), your body starts using the hip flexors or low back instead. Or that lazy tush recruits the quads (your poor knees!) and back to do the work it should be doing. This creates some big issues. And then pain. So let's correct them!

So whether you are a fitness superstar or just getting started, try doing this super short and simple workout 3-5x a week for a few weeks

(and add that routine in every so often throughout the year!). It will get you to the top of your game and even help you see progress when you might be feeling like you've hit a plateau.

If you sit at a desk or aren't used to too much activity, grab a foam roller and get this little series into your life! Your body will THANK YOU - this is a great little video my awesome colleague, Dr. Waite and I created to help you feel AWESOME. Boom!

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