Meet Your Entourage!

As a member of the Virtual Gym, you have a whole team of wellness and parenthood experts, carefully cultivated to give you incredible resources and coaching!

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Shannon - Lead Coach

Shannon is the founder of Savage Wellness and is your coach as a Virtual Gym member. She is here to help you stay on track, figure out your goals and keep you creating the healthy habits that fit in your lifestyle and get you to your goals. She is a retired circus acrobat and mom of two boys. Shannon is a certified personal trainer, weight management specialist, and pre and postnatal fitness specialist. She also has a background in injury prevention and rehabilitation, corrective exercises, and creating healthy movement patterns for a pain free life. Respond to any emails sent your way and they’ll go directly to her! She loves to get to know you and help you set and achieve your goals, so hit her up! She is available for one on one coaching, strategizing and accountability packages for Virtual Gym members!

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Chelsea - Yoga

Also a circus mama (and ALSO a mom of two boys!), Chelsea is our resident Yoga specialist. Chelsea teaches Yoga classes in Berkeley, California and has a running group out there called Sisterhood Sweat. She is the founder of Yoyuuyoga and she can also work remotely for those of you far away! If you want more one on one work to focus on your flexibility, alignment, and your inner calm- this is your girl.


Angelique - Pain management and mobility

Not a circus mama, but definitely a total bad-ass mama of two, Angelique has been my number one go-to for any injury, pain, rehabilitation or wine drinking for over a decade. She is magic at what she does and is ready to help you take care of that body of yours. Aches and pains can be addressed (and fixed!) - we don’t need to just live with them. She is the owner and founder of Revitalize Integrated Body Systems in Menlo Park where she treats patients herself and has a team of trainers, pilates instructors, massage therapists and more to help you feel awesome. In the Virtual Gym, she has foam rolling tutorials (more resources coming soon!) and she is available in the Facebook community to answer questions and lead live workshops to help you keep your body feeling awesome!

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Elizabeth - Parenting support

Elizabeth is the co-founder of Trustle and a leading expert in early childhood development.  Having worked in child mental health for the last 15 years, Elizabeth is a clinical psychologist who specializes in child development, child behavior, and working with children and families.  She has experience working in community settings, schools, clinics, and hospitals and provides training and education to students and professionals in a variety of settings. She has presented at national and international conferences, has published articles and book chapters on child development, and has been interviewed by magazines and radio programs regarding her expertise in child development and behavior.  Elizabeth and her team at Trustle will be available to answer questions and provide you with valuable parenting support in our Virtual Gym. 

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Jessica - pelvic Floor and Gestational Diabetes

Jessica is the founder of Pregnancy and Postpartum TV. She grew up as a ballerina and is a mom of 3 young kiddos! On the fitness side, she specializes in pilates, yoga and rehabilitation of abdominal muscle separations and pelvic floor muscles after birth. On the nutrition side, she has an incredible program designed specifically for moms who had gestational diabetes during pregnancy. She will be available for any questions and will be leading workshops in the private Facebook membership community.

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Sarah - sleep help

Sarah is the owner and founder of Helping Babies Sleep. She is passionate about helping to empower tired, frazzled parents with the knowledge, tools and confidence to get their children to become independent sleepers. Sarah is a mom to two kiddos herself and understands that every child is different and every family is different. In the Virtual Gym, she is available to answer questions and provide resources to help you understand child's age appropriate sleep needs. She has online courses and one on one coaching packages and she’ll be leading workshops in our membership community as well!

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Kristy - Prenatal wellness

The Virtual Gym is designed for moms, and that begins in pregnancy! Kristy is a doula passionate about helping new moms better understand the ins and outs of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. With so much information out there, scare tactics and conflicting information, Kristy will help you find peace and joy as you head into motherhood (whether it’s your first or 5th baby!). She has an incredible podcast called Pure Nurture and she will have some great resources for you in the Virtual Gym. Kristy will also be leading workshops and answering questions for our members in our membership community!


Guest Pros

We will have a steady stream of guest pros leading workshops and popping in to the membership community to give you VIP access to their resources and/or products. These guests will be small businesses with products, services, and expertise to teach you about all sorts of things from parenting to mom fashion to toxin free cleaning. Feel free to let us know if you’re looking for anything in particular or if you know someone who would like to be featured!