The Savage Wellness Center Pro Team

Within this virtual wellness center, you will have access to communities for all of your unique fitness and wellness needs lead by an outstanding team of professionals. These providers are full of passion to provide you with high quality resources to help you live your healthiest and happiest life without having to break the bank. We are inspired by you and are dedicated to providing you with the information and inspiration you need to live your best and healthiest life. Each of the professionals below has set up a virtual shop for you to access their services and expertise from the comfort of your home! These professionals will be available to help answer your questions and provide you with top quality tools and content for all your health and wellness needs!

Click the links below them to learn more about who they are and what they do. They all have thriving amazing practices outside of the SWC. I encourage you to reach out to anyone of the pros for more information about how to work one on one with them if you like their style!   

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RIBS Chiropractic

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Sleep Pea Consulting


G:Fit Bootcamps


Yoyuu Yoga


Move Well w/ V


The Cervix Whisperer

Patty is a doula, physicians assistant and prenatal fitness instructor with decades of experiences introducing mamas to the physical and emotional world of motherhood starting in pregnancy. 

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S.Well Moms

It's time to prioritize YOU! Get a progressive series of workouts specifically geared toward #momlife. Learn to live healthier, eat cleaner and make it work! Get and stay inspired by an incredible community of like-minded mamas! 

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Redwood MidWifery

Compassion and experience are exactly what you need to help ease your anxiety and answer your questions going into (and out of!) your pregnancy.