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Getting Started!

You just got your welcome email and there is already a lot to do! Take the next few days to get your self ready for an amazing 6 (or 12!) weeks! Below are what I’d like you to get done before you get your first week’s program:

  1. Read through the eBook Guide to get an idea of the nutrition plan for the next 6 weeks. You will see a general outline of calories. This is to give you an idea of general portion sizes (for weight loss!) but there is no need to count calories on this program!

  2. Go to the grocery store/farmers market and stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, organic meats, nuts and yogurt. Try to stick to whole foods as much as possible. Low or no fat dairy options are often highly processed, so full fat, in small portions, is best. For any packaged foods, read your labels and don’t buy anything with high fructose corn syrup, food dyes or any types of coloring even if it’s called “natural.” Make sure you recognize the ingredients as foods, not just a list of chemicals and preservatives and check that sugar isn’t one of the first few ingredients in items you wouldn’t expect added sugar (for example: breads, crackers, yogurt (just choose plain and add some honey!), salad dressings, etc.). The key to success is taking just a little time to prepare. Prepare your snacks and have an idea of where your meals will be coming from so you don’t end up hangry and stuffing whatever is nearest into your face. I have a bunch of great recipes and ideas in my Pinterest boards and in this blog post.

  3. Make sure you’ve got a water bottle that you want to reach for and are inspired to keep with you!

  4. Make sure you have some good walking or jogging shoes - we will be getting active over the next 6 weeks! You will want your feet and arches supported to help keep your kinetic chain healthy!

  5. Take your measurements (you will need a soft measuring tape - see the submission form and how to video above!)

  6. Take your “before” pics - you may regret it later if you don’t!

  7. Fill out your S.Well Moms Kick Off Form (linked above!) so your coach can get to know you and your goals better!

  8. Check out the the S.Well Moms private Facebook community if you’re on FB! This is an amazing free resource for you where I can help coach and guide you and answer questions as they come up. There are also a bunch of other inspiring mamas in there ready to help answer your questions and looking for inspiration from you, too! This is an awesome place to come for privacy and judgement free support. So ask questions, post inspiration, share your story - we are all here to help make your mom life AWESOME!

Done with your 6 or 12 Week Program but still need some Savage in your life? Login to your membership account and switch to a monthly membership! You’ll have access to my growing library of wellness resources in the S.Well Virtual Gym - and coming soon, we’ll have a weekly workout and monthly challenges to keep you inspired and on track!