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S.Well Moms is a subscription group within the Savage Wellness Center. With your monthly membership, you get a set of 13 workouts to work through at your own pace to take you from "I wish I was in better shape and didn't pee myself every time I sneeze" to "I feel awesome and strong!" You will also have access to a guide to clean and consistent eating to help increase your energy, improve your sleep and feel more in control of your craving and choices. I am available in the community to hep answer questions and give you tips, motivation and inspiration!

In this group, we focus on holistic health and focus our community on making time for ourselves and our health. Using a set of points, you can learn how to make small choices every day to make a big impact on your health and wellness! As part of the SWC, you get communities for sharing healthy recipes, sharing your experience with other moms, advice for runners and more! Add Yoga, meditations and other premium content services you may need to feel holistically healthy in mind and body and create the network of resources to have at your finger tips.

The workouts are all designed to be squeezed into any place and amount of time you are able to make for yourself to get a bit of strength work in. The workouts help you move better and avoid repetitive stress injuries that can come from #momlife. Pop in any time you need a workout or inspiration and get after it so you can #livehealthybehappy without having to schedule childcare, spend hours in the gym, feel deprived, or spend the college savings on your health efforts. 

Learn to take care of you and treat yourself to what you need so you can feel great and enjoy this amazing life and your little wonders!


S.Well Moms - All In

This is the ramped up version of the S.Well Moms Subscription Group for those looking to buckle down and make some progress! This program is for mamas looking for more accountability and coaching and a bigger set of resources for prioritizing their health and wellness. If you are a mom and feeling overwhelmed by where to start, this is a great option for you! Join an incredible community of like minded mamas and get the guidance and inspiration you need to prioritize YOU!  Join for a series of periodized workouts designed just for #momlife and geared toward making you feel strong and nutrition and wellness guidance to help you cut cravings, sleep better and enjoy this magical time in your life! 

  • A progressive set of "do anywhere" strength workouts that help build lean muscle, avoid injuries and create healthy movement patterns for a pain free life. 
  • Quarterly assessments to track your progress
  • Weekly strength and cardio homework

  • Monthly nutrition, fitness and wellness challenges to help introduce you to new practices to incorporate into your life.

  • Access to a private health and wellness community group of S.Well subscribers for support and motivation and to connect with other S.Well-mates! 

  • Weekly Personal Check-Ins and free strategy sessions as needed.

  • Your S.Well Moms membership includes an all access membership to the Savage Wellness Center (a $40 monthly value!). In there you have access to yoga videos, meditations, chiropractors, sleep consultants, recipes and more! 

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