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Savage Wellness Center Terms of Use


1. Participation in On-line Programs
Please note that participation in all programs offered by the Savage Wellness Center (“SWC”) is at the discretion of the participant. Savage Wellness or it’s contributors are not responsible for injury to participant, as the participant recognizes that by signing up for an online program, in which a professional is not watching to oversee each individual, it is then the individual’s
responsibility to work within, and recognize, their own personal physical limitations and differences. It is highly recommended that participants receive full clearance from their doctors to participate in training of any sort, and on-line training as well. Participants will be working within various gyms across the countries, and with varying equipment. While Savage Wellness does their best to answer all questions and concerns regarding these variances, ultimately, it is up to the participant to work around the particulars and limitations within their own settings. Savage Wellness and the SWC are not responsible for any injuries incurred while participants are on the program(s).

2. Payments, Cancellations and Refunds
Participants will pay a recurring monthly membership fee for each premium content channel within the SWC joined. Payment will be deducted on the first of every month. There are no refunds issued. To ensure you are not charged upon cancelation, please let the SWC know of your cancellation within 10 days of the billing date (the 1st of the month) for the upcoming month. For annual memberships, participants can receive a partial reimbursement for early
cancelation with an appropriate (to be determined by the staff of Savage Wellness) reason.

3. $1 TRIAL Offers, FREE MONTH Offers,  or other Discounted Offers
With any marketed discounts or specials to any of the SWC on-line programs, the policies around the promotion will be as such: for example, if promotion or discount offer is offered to clients, the client will provide payment information and be charged that promotional fee for the duration of the promotion, and after the trial or promo period is over, the user’s credit card will be charged the regular fee for the program they have signed up for in the offer. It is up to the client to cancel out of the Program they have signed up for. Once they cancel, they will be terminated from all program points of access, usually within 24 hours. The client’s responsibilities will remain the same in all areas of participation, refunds and cancellations, as outlined in the Terms or Use Policy.

4. Use of Programs and Products
Members of the SWC will not distribute the information and tools provided within the SWC for financial gain or otherwise. All videos and PDFs provided for members are property of the SWC and it’s contributors. Any copying or use of materials outside of your own personal use is subject to penalty by law.

5. Credit Card Policy
All clients of any online programs with the SWC must sign up with a valid credit card. It is up to the client to ensure their credit card is up to date. Should their credit card need attention, it is not Savage Wellness’ responsibility to contact the client, nor is it their responsibility to ensure
clients’ credit cards are up to date. If the client gets cancelled out, and wishes to return to the same program, they will purchase the program at the set price of that program at the time of the new purchase.

6. Privacy and Ownership of Material
All videos and written material is the property of the SWC and it’s contributors and may not be distributed or used without written consent. All videos, downloads and purchased programs are the sole ownership of Savage Wellness and it’s contributors and cannot be distributed without permission from Shannon Shearn, owner of Savage Wellness.

For More Information or if you have any questions about our Terms of Use, please email Shannon at