Savage Wellness Center Enrollment Form*

-If you need to sign the waiver, you will need to be on a laptop or desktop. Returning clients do not need to resign the waiver.-

*Upon completion of this form, you will receive a follow up email inviting you to the Savage Wellness Center (there may be a delay if you subscribe outside of business hours, 9-5 PST). 

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Single Premium Content Channel Subscription: $10/mo per channel

Subscription packages: 

Mama S.Well: S.Well Moms, Sleep S.Well, S.Well Chiro, Namaste S.Well (yoga) $25/mo

Prenatal S.Well: S.Well Bumps, S.Well Chiro, Namaste S.Well (yoga) $25/mo

Stay S.Well: S.Well Fit, S.Well Chiro, Namaste S.Well (yoga), Movement of the week $25/mo

S.Well Gains: S.Well Bootcamps, S.Well Fit, Movement of the Week, Namaste S.Well (yoga), S.Well Chiro $25/mo

S.Well Family: All access $39.95/month

VIP Pass: Unlimited streaming workout classes and lots of bonus Yoga and workout videos: +$39.95/month