6 Weeks Stronger

Keep up the momentum and prioritize YOU!

For mamas who have finished the 6 Weeks to Wellness Course, Sign up for 6 more weeks dedicated to prioritizing you!

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Continue building your healthy lifestyle with 6 more weeks of healthy awesomeness designed to keep you growing, learning and achieving your goals!

This program is for mamas who have already completed the first 6 Weeks to Wellness Course and are looking to continue their momentum.

  • We will continue our strength building and move into power and agility with our workouts!

  • We have an upgraded point system to get you SAVAGE well! With values assigned to each point, you can pick and choose to really dive in and make the progress you are looking for!

  • We continue to practice self care and find a healthy balance for our nutrition with our weekly challenges and new healthy habits to break us out of our comfort zones.

Sign up here to start today!:

Price: $299

You never knew what you were capable of…

until now!