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Hi SIW mamas and papas! I had so much fun with Ayelet on her podcast and chatting with the listeners. Thank you so much for clicking on this link! I have pulled out a few of my favorite resources to help new parents prioritize their wellness in a simple and effective way. I don't have many answers about life and parenting but one thing I do know is happy parents make AWESOME parents! Take some time to take care of YOU, too! 

Here is a post I wrote for the Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog about 5 Simple Ways to Prioritize YOU Amongst the Chaos of Motherhood

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Ab Rehab

Here is a great series to help you get those abs woken up! Whether you had a baby 6 weeks ago or 6 years ago and you never re-activated that core, this is a perfect series for you! I still get a great benefit from this workout and I had my last (final?) baby 2 years ago!


The "Make It Work" workout

I also call this the Hotel Room Workout because it can be done in tight spaces, anywhere and anytime. You can break it up and do it for 5 minutes or put it all together and loop it for a challenging 30 minute workout. You can use weights, water bottles, or forget the resistance all together and still get that heart rate up and those muscles burning. 

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Wise Mama Meditation

Lisa is a pro in my new virtual Savage Wellness Center and I am so excited to have her on board! She is a mama of two little girls and is passionate about helping moms (and everyone!) lead more mindful and fulfilling lives. She has created this free 30 day meditation challenge that I love to recommend to new moms. Just the task of giving yourself 5 minutes a day dedicated to helping you feel awesome is awesome in and of itself! I was a meditation skeptic until I tried her challenge. It's a game changer and I promise you'll love it!

Don't forget to stretch!

Stretching is just as important as strength building and creating functional movement patterns! Chelsea is another incredible pro in the Savage Wellness Center. She is an amazing yogi and mama to two little boys. She offers prenatal and postpartum one on one yoga and wellness coaching in person in Berkeley and online. Take 5 with her here and get your daily stretch on!


Please poke around my website and check out what I offer! I have built this business specifically to help provide effective, easy to follow and affordable wellness programs for mamas in particular! The Savage Wellness Center is the perfect go to for all your wellness needs and I have an amazing S.Well Moms All In Program for mamas looking to dive in to their wellness and find their mom tribe! 

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