Streaming Workouts!

Join me for a 30(ish) minute workout from the comfort of your own home! No sitters needed! You can even do it in your office - just close the door! We will workout together and motivate each other to prioritize our fitness so we can feel GREAT the rest of the day!

Workouts will generally be mid mornings but I will post the exact call in time the night before so you can plan your day. Sign up below and you will be sent a password and the call in details for our workout for that day! If you miss the workout, I will send you a link to the video so you can still workout with us! 

Once we get this going, I'll set more concrete times and add workouts and new instructors (prenatal, post partum, yoga, pilates, and more!). Feel free to contact me with days and times you'd love to see on the schedule!


Sign up here!

Thank you for checking in! Streaming workouts are ON HOLD as we grow and expand! We are upgrading our system and lining up a GREAT schedule for you! To be notified when this service returns, please send a request and I will add you to our list and notify you as soon as we are up and running (and score a free 5 class pass!)

*if you have filled out my waiver before, no need to redo it each time - I will check to make sure everyone has a signed waiver before we get started!