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Designed specifically for moms like you - so you can feel like YOU again!

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Mom life is awesome but it’s hard!

Once upon a time self care didn’t feel selfish, it was just another item on our to-do list. But now we get so busy taking care of others that we forget to take care of our own needs and keep pushing ourselves farther down on that list!

With this program you will learn about all the small ways you can make healthy choices every day that will have a huge impact on your health and well-being. The power of accumulation.

Accountability is huge in staying consistent and inspired so you have me checking in every week and a private online forum where you can chat with other swell moms and ask me questions about your progress. Your goals become my goals and together we will make it happen!

I really love it! I’m not as hard on myself as I usually am, and love how my body and mind feel.
— Doctor and mom of 3

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What You Get

An online program with weekly Accountability FOr Your:

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Build your core and endurance and increase your strength as you learn to settle in to a fitness routine that is simple and sustainable. These workouts will help build a solid foundation and healthy movement patterns for life as a mom.

A progressive set of "do anywhere" strength workouts that help build lean muscle, avoid injuries and create healthy movement patterns for a pain free life.


We all know that your nutrition and diet are the key to a healthy lifestyle. This nutrition plan will keep you learning to make healthy choices without feeling deprived so you can stay consistent and reach those goals! Get your pre-baby clothes out of storage without living on Tufu and Kale (although those can make a mean stirfry!).

Learn about new nutrient dense foods to incorporate into your meals. With weekly challenges and daily goals, we’ll learn about all the ways we can make healthy choices throughout the day.


We are going for a holistic approach to your health and wellness. We don't want to just lose weight, we want to FEEL great. With this program you will learn new healthy habits to keep you inspired and motivated and focus on being kind to ourselves and celebrate being YOU.


$299 for 6 Weeks of Coaching and on demand programming.

+$399 for daily coaching and accountability (and based on availability).

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Your program is fantastic! Your message is so positive and relatable to so many moms, it’s awesome! 
— Working Mom of 2

We will get you feeling like YOU again!

Video Testimonial by S.Well Mom, Jessica!

Video Testimonial by S.Well Mom, Ashley!

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INcluded In Your Online Course:

  • eBook Guide to Healthy Living

  • Online portal and resource center

  • Weekly nutrition, fitness and wellness challenges

  • Weekly strength and cardio homework

  • Assessments to track your progress

  • Weekly personal check-ins and coaching

  • Private community forum

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It’s time to feel AWESOME

Do it for them. Do it for YOU.