Stay S.Well Social Media Challenge!

Win big for sharing your healthy lifestyle on Social Media!

Each month we have a raffle for an AWESOME 

wellness prize valued at $100 or more!

You’ve taken a pretty big step in making YOU and your health a priority again. High five! One thing I’ve noticed is that the mamas who share their progress on social media see the best results. Here’s why…

There’s a saying with goal setting that says the more people you tell about your goal, the more likely you are to achieve it. It’s true! Firstly, your friends and family will become your accountability buddies. They’ll be the ones on the sidelines rooting you on.

It’s pretty cool to see how much support you’ll get because they genuinely want to see you happy. Secondly, your awesomeness is contagious. When you share your progress and are open about being proud of yourself for it, your friends and family will get excited and will be more likely to start doing the same. It’s pretty amazing.

All you have to do is be proud of yourself and you can encourage others to start making healthier choices too. #notallheroeswearcapes ;)

To enter: Post on your personal Instagram and/or Facebook account (both get two entries!) photos of you making healthy choices and tag me @savagewellness on Instagram and Savage Wellness on Facebook with the hashtag #stayswellchallenge (make sure your account is public or we are friends so I can see it!) Some examples of things you can post are:

            • You doing any of the current monthly challenges

            • You making a healthy meal or snack

            • You treating yourself to something awesome, guilt free (ish) because you’ve been making consistent healthy choices.

            • A testimonial about how your healthy living is helping improve your quality of life.

            • You getting in a workout (especially one of the weekly workouts or something from the Virtual Gym)

            • Any healthy choices or self care you feel appropriate ;)

Throughout each month, you will earn one raffle entry for each picture posted and I’ll announce the winner in a Facebook Live video in our Stay S.Well Community!

Referrals: You can also earn one entry into the monthly raffle with each new member you refer to our community along with a Pop Up Point!