Yoga Time!

My girl, Chelsea of Yoyuu Yoga, and I go way back from the days of circus in Montreal before either of us were #boymoms. She’s amazing. You will love her yoga workouts for the days you just need a little stretch and some deep strengthening. Check out her website if you love what she does like I do! She has some great programming!

This 37 minute class is a full body experience- connect with your body, from your toes to the crown of your head.

This Half hour yoga class is designed for right after your cardio workout. Get your deep stretches in while your body is hot, and feel the full body glow.
This 45 minute hatha class requires a yoga strap (or a piece of rope or a belt). Deepen your stretch and gain new tools to strengthen the upper body.
Renew your energy with this 1 hour class- be left feeling refreshed and connected to your body.
This 15 minute practice will leave you feeling grounded and centered.
These 5 Minutes of Yoga are here to encourage you to get on the mat :)

This 45 minute practice will heat you up, strengthen and stretch your body, and leave you feeling balanced.

This 25 minute practice will help you to activate your body! Find time in your day to get on the mat- move your body and feel re-energized.

Preggo Yoga

Here are some wonderful resources to help you take care of your body and your baby from the inside out!

  • Wondering what nutrients you need more of during pregnancy? Click here to read up on whole foods that will support you and your growing baby...

  • Find out how to make pregnancy tea infusions here!

  • Prenatal yogi, Chelsea, of Yoyuu Yoga loves this link to choosing a prenatal vitamin, “I am one of those mamas who swears by new chapters prenatal... just make sure you choose a whole foods prenatal vitamin.” Check out her website if you are loving you some Chelsea! She has some great programs and information for pregnant mamas!

This hour long class will help strengthen and stretch your body and mind as you prepare for labour and motherhood. 1 bolster, 1 blanket, 2 blocks, 1 strap recommended.

This 20 minute practice will help you to connect with your throat chakra. Vocalizing can be a great way to move through the waves of labor. Learn techniques to support you on your journey into motherhood. Suggested props: Bolster, two blocks, blanket.

This 20 minute practice is designed to help you focus your mind and move through strong sensation. Holding poses for the same length as a 90 second contraction- you will finish this practice with greater confidence surrounding your birth.

If you are feeling fatigue in your day, you may need to let go of energy that is no longer serving you. Let it go.... and refresh. You will need two blocks and a blanket for this practice
This 20 minute practice will give you tools for labor, and will work to strengthen your arms for baby holding. You will need a yoga strap (or a belt/ piece of rope) and a blanket or cushion for extra support while seated. If at any time you need to switch your leg position- listen to your body!

Suitable for both pre and postnatal mamas- this 7 minute video is designed to get you moving. When you feel as if you do not have enough time in your day to practice- take a few minutes at your sink- light a candle, breath, stretch, and rejuvenate.

This prenatal class is designed to help strengthen your legs in preparation for labor. Strengthen your body, and gain confidence in your power. A blanket recommended.
In this 20 minute prenatal yoga class you will stretch out your body and make more room for baby.

This video is about coping with the pain of labor. It's a great resource for anyone dealing with chronic pain, too! Join me and midwife Maeve Sundstrom, from Redwood Midwifery ( as we discuss and practice coping skills!