Member Resources

Here is everything you need to get started and to help you maximize your membership:

  • Stay S.Well Facebook Community

  • Download the S.Well Points Tracking App for Apple or Android

  • Learn how you can win big (and get even healthier!) in our Pop Up Challenges and Monthly Raffles!

  • Learn about S.Well Points

  • Printable Points Sheet if you prefer not to use the app.

  • Stay S.Well workout goals - A guide based on where you are in your fitness journey to help you feel confident in the goals you are choosing.

  • It’s always fun and definitely helps you stick to your plan when you start by exploring your goals yourself, too! Check out this Goal setting worksheet - This one is designed for a new year’s goal setting, but make it your own and let this be the start of YOUR new year!

  • Get ready by having some basics available for you to hit the ground running (maybe even literally!):

    • If you want, I recommend having a pair of medium hand weights (5-10lbs) and a medium weight resistance bandObviously use your best judgement on what weight you need or reach out for my thoughts!

    • yoga mat and some good supportive shoes are also a great investment. I always recommend going to a place that specializes in running and walking shoes. Often their employees will watch how you walk and run and find exactly what you need!

    • water bottle that you can keep with you during the day - I love one with a hook or strap on the top so I can hold it easily with the million other things I lug around from here to there throughout my day!

  • If you are new to working out, have had a baby in the past 6 months, or have any consistent aches and pains, make sure you check in with your doctor before beginning this program.

    • Once you feel confident that you are ready to start working out, I highly recommend starting your program with the Restore Your Core workouts in the Virtual Gym. These will ensure a strong foundation and an investment in strengthening the core support muscles to keep you injury free and utilizing the correct muscles for your workouts (key to making the progress you are looking for!).

  • Hit the grocery store! Check out this post about my approach to nutrition, this post about my approach to weight loss, and this post for my thoughts on SNACKS!

  • If you're looking to make some physical changes, and track your progress, start with your Initial Measurements Submission Form! This is not mandatory by any means but it's always great to reflect back on progress. And as we build muscle, the scale weight won't always reflect your progress, so having those measurements to refer back to will help keep you inspired to keep going!

  • Email me your before and after pics! Again, this one is optional but even if you don't have a weight loss goal, you'll love seeing how making consistent healthy choices can change your outside as much as it helps your inside!

  • Video Guide to Taking Measurements: