Nutrition tips

In this section, we have some Savage handouts and links to the blog posts on all topics nutrition, weight-loss and diet. Here is also where we will spotlight Ben Mastracco! He is a food coach and is passionate about helping us take the anxiety and overwhelm out of cooking at home. Check out his resources for a ton of great information and check out his food coaching business here if you’re looking for help in your kitchen!

If you're confused about how to eat healthy, you are not alone. With a bachelors degree in Nutrition and Food Science and 6 years of experience as a food scientist, you might think I have all the answers when it comes to a healthy diet.
After years of frustration, battling with my pots and pans, always burning them and then soaking them for days, I finally decided to figure out what was going on. The answer for cleaning the pans ended up being so simple, it literally changed my life!
As a recovering kitchen gadget addict, I've learned first hand that most kitchen gadgets are worthless. But I have managed to find a few really great tools, and have also learned to appreciate some of the basic necessities, and that's what I'm sharing with you today! SUBSCRIBE for more great recipes!
I'll admit it, I am guilty of food waste. I get a little over-excited at the farmers market and end up with a bunch of perishable produce that just doesn't all get used throughout the week and ends up as compost.
The Best Damn Gluten Free Vegan Pizza of all time is a bold statement, and I 100% believe that this pizza can back up that claim up!! An old friend from college recently reached out, saying that her sister had been diagnosed with a disorder called Eosinophilic Esophagitis, and she was hoping I could do a recipe for her that could fit within her new dietary restrictions, which included wheat and dairy.
Brussels Sprouts seems to be on the menu at every trendy restaurant here in San Francisco, and I completely understand why. They're delicious! But let me tell you, grilled Brussels sprouts....WHOA. Even easier than roasting and so much FLAVOR! To me, the best part about roasted Brussels sprouts is the crispy char you get form the outer leaves.
In my opinion, cabbage is an extremely underrated vegetable, so I'm super excited to push cabbage into the spotlight with this delectable grilled cabbage "salad" !
A classic blended red salsa is so easy to make that you will not ever catch me buying a jar of salsa in the supermarket. Once you get the basic principles of the recipe down, you won't need to measure everything out or follow a strict recipe.
Another fan requested segment, this week on Comedy Kitchen I dive into the healthiest chips that money can buy! Will it be Baked Lays? Sun Chips? Tune in for the whole rundown on the chips that I believe are the healthiest, and what makes them so healthy!