Stretching and Mobility

Treat your body like the incredible machine it is and TAKE CARE OF IT! Let Dr. Angelique Waite, of Revitalize Integrated Body Systems, Vishal of Epic Hybrid Training, and I walk you through some stretches and foam rolling techniques to help you feel and move your best!For more info on mobility, check out Revitalize Integrated Body Systems and Epic Hybrid Training!

This video a set of stretches I love to do at the end of a workout.

This a great set of stretches for neck pain relief - we get at the whole upper back area as well to help it all release tension in your neck and down your back. Check it out!

Foam Rolling with our Homies:

Foam Rolling for neck, shoulder and headache pains

Foam Rolling for Low Back Pain

Foam Rolling For Desk Sitters

Foam Rolling For Runners

Joint strength and mobility exercises with Coach Vishal:

Here we are focusing on the wrists and a few variations to help strengthen them
This is a hip burner. Pay attention to the details and cues. Make sure you engage all the muscles in the body and go SLOW!! You may feel some cramping occurring in the hip and leg, just ignore it and breathe through it :)! Aim for about 45 seconds of work on each side x 3-5 rounds!
The goal here is ISOLATED hip circles, which means that nothing else except the him you’re working should be moving. To help keep it as isolated as possible, make sure to keep tension throughout the entire body and “lock it in” while doing your circles. Aim to do as many reps as you need with about 30-50% global tension throughout the entire body.
This week we are taking a look at the shoulder! More specifically, the scapula! The scapula is that floating piece of bone that attaches your arm to your body. It basically controls everything you do with your upper body so it’s pretty important and should be trained. The scapular pull-up is one of the best drills you can perform to help develop strength and mobility in the shoulders. It will translate to pretty much any pulling movement you do with your upper body. Give it a go and let me know how it goes!
“You are as old as your spine” The health of our joints is vital to our longevity and one of the areas I like to prioritize the most is the spine! Here are a couple variations to create a dialogue with your spine. 1. Standing spinal wave (initiate from the top) 2. Standing spinal wave (initiate from the bottom) 3. Standing t-spine rotations The first two try and go as slow as you can and you can even use a wall for feedback as you aim to press each part of your spine on and off the wall. Really focus on the “wave” aspect of this motion so it’s a continuous moving pattern. For the third variation, focus on soft bend in the knees while tucking your pelvis under. From here ima e chin on top of finger tips and rotate ONLY from the upper back (t-spine). Aim from 3-5 minutes for each one and your spine and rest of your body will thank you!!
Wrists are an area that often get neglected and given the world we live in its important that we give them as much love as possible! Here are some drills to help strengthen them! Perform each movement for about 10 repetitions focusing on moving slow and really honing in on all the details!
If you don’t have a fancy orange bendy stick then a pvc pip works great as well! These drills are designed to help open up the lateral fascial lines of the body that often get neglected. They can help increase mobility through the shoulders, spine and hips so definitely a favorite combo of mine! Watch the video closely with all the details. Check for how I rotate my body for the first movement (monkey hang) and then the transition to the second movement requires a hand switch and shifting weight to the back leg (side squat bow and arrow). Step closer to the stick and don’t go as low if you’re having trouble. This will require a little bit of balance to get used to but once unlocked it’s a great one to add in to your routine!!
Kettlebells are almost found in every gym now and have many uses. Here is a great foundational full body workout you can do to develop overall strength and conditioning. Grab a pair of bells and perform these 3 Movements! Perform: - 5 repetitions of each movement (Row, Squat, Press) - 5 seconds for each lowering phase (eccentric) of the movement - 5 rounds with minimal rest between each exercise and round Choose a weight that will challenge you but also where you can maintain quality of movement!!
Try these Floor Scorpions to help open up the shoulders and hips!! - Lay flat belly down with arms out to the side and palms face down - roll to one side onto your hip and shoulder (go slow) - Step opposite foot behind same side knee - Breathe and hold for 5-10 seconds
My go-to drill for getting rid of that desk posture and helping to strengthen the shoulders!!
The devil is in the details so go slow and make sure your hip is the only thing moving your hip :)

“You are as old as your spine” - Someone really smart How often do you move your spine? Here are some of my favorite movements for spinal focused work. I start with some lower tension global work then get into the more isolated work. This video was sped up so go slow when trying these and try to see/feel how much of your spine you can control through all the movements. Enjoy the spinal love

Coach Vishal Kumar
Try these Global Spinal Circles a.k.a Around the Worlds -Start with 90 sec. of the “front to back” motion -Then perform 90 sec. of the lateral glides side to side -Then perform 90 sec. of circles in each direction. Aim for 2-3 full rounds moving slow and with intent!