Meditations and Wellness


Lisa Abramson of Wise Mama is amazing and has some incredible resources for meditation. She is sharing a few of her (and my!) favorites with you guys here! As always, please respect her work and don’t share the free links outside of here.

  • FREE 30 Day Meditation Challenge. Just 5 mins/day for 30 days. More clarity, less stress, enhanced creativity and focus. Most people just THINK about learning to meditate. Most people do nothing and their stress levels keep rising.

  • FREE MEDITATION #1: A short meditation designed to help you connect with your purpose.

  • FREE MEDITATION #2: This meditation helps you slow down and appreciate all that is good in your life. It's an especially powerful reset when you're feeling scattered or when you want to give yourself a moment to celebrate a milestone or accomplishment. We often rush from achievement to achievement, never stopping to celebrate the little wins along the way. This meditation will help you savor the good in your life to allow for more.

  • FREE MEDITATION #3: This short meditation will help you sharpen your mind and increase your focus so you can dive into your day with greater clarity and calm.

  • FREE MEDITATION #4: USE BEFORE BED! Here's my most popular Deep Sleep Meditation.



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