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Savage Faves (and Discounts):

I love Kristy and her holistic work with pregnant mamas. If you’re preggo - check this one out!

Amazing prenatal vitamins in shake form so you can keep them down and nourish your body while pregnant and breastfeeding. Use code MAMASPRINGBREAK for 15% off!

If you want to dive deeper into your ab separation and pelvic floor recovery, check out this 30 day course by Coach Jessica!

For mamas in their first year postpartum this text based virtual doula in your pocket will check in on you with time appropriate information and answer your questions any time from clogged ducts to Brazilian waxing after birth, they’re there to help!

New or pregnant mamas - grab some extra support for that back and those abs! Bonus, it helps tuck everything in, too ;) I can’t recommend these support bands more highly.