Ab Rehab

Welcome to Ab Rehab, mama!

Whether you had a baby 6 weeks ago or 16 YEARS ago, if you never rehabbed your abs, you could be creating some pretty significant issues for that beautiful body of yours: Tight hips, low back pain, neck pain, knee pain, lack of progress in your workouts, belly bulging and so much more can be attributed to under-utilized abdominal muscles.

So let’s get those abs turned back on so you can live the happy, healthy live you need to keep up with your family!

Here’s a little 3 minute hello from me as we get started!

Ab Separations:

  • Now, before we get started, let’s first figure out if you have an ab separation. Click here to read through how to check yourself and how to proceed if you find a separation!

  • If you’ve had a baby in the last 4 month, OR if you find you do have an ab separation of any sixe larger than a finger width, begin your Ab Rehab with the Ab Separation workout (the first video - Exercises start 3:20 but listen to the intro if you haven’t already!)



Your Ab Rehab Series:

Start by printing out this worksheet! Keep it somewhere you’ll see it often, check off the boxes, and see those healthy abs develop! Once you’ve completed your program, send me a photo or scan of your worksheet so I can help you celebrate and hear how it went!!

Ab Rehab Phase 1

This is your first workout for the series. Try to do it 10 times before moving on to phase 2! Doing this workout 4-5x a week is ideal to move through this series and to get the abs to start kicking in and activating how we need!

ab rehab phase 2

For this second workout in your Ab Rehab series, we’re focusing more on building strength AS WELL AS maintaining that neurological connection we built in phase 1. Do this workout 10 times before moving on to phase 3!

Ab Rehab Phase 3

Alright, now we’re getting those abs turned up! We’re deepening our strength building efforts and establishing a thorough connection between our brains and our abs. Do this workout 10 times and you should feel ready to kick all your workouts up a notch!

*I am giving you a goal of repeating each workout 10 times before moving on to the next. But, as always, listen to your body! If you feel like you are still not confident you’ve got the engagement you need to move on (ie. you’re feeling work in your back and hip flexors as you go through the exercises), don’t move on. OR if you move on and don’t feel like you’re doing the new movements properly, go back a phase! And feel free to reach out for a chat with me!*