Stay S.Well Pop Up Challenges

Pop up points are points you can earn over the lifetime of your Stay S.Well membership - 

For every 10 points you earn, there’s a prize!

Referrals: For any new members you refer, you earn a raffle entry into our monthly raffle as well as 1 Pop Up Point!

We will post Pop Up Challenges in our Facebook Community each week to keep you inspired to earn some IRL trophies for your healthy living efforts. Generally there will be a short time period, 24 hours or less, to complete or start completing the challenge. Details on how to participate will be in each post!

10 points = Savage Wellness Stress Ball

20 points = Savage Wellness Accountability Board

30 points = Savage Wellness Water Bottle

40 points = Savage Wellness Daily Affirmation Mug

50 Points = Savage Wellness Tank or T-shirt

60 Points = Savage Wellness Tote Bag

70 Points = Savage Wellness Beanie

80 Points = Savage Wellness Socks

90 Points = Savage Wellness Sweatshirt

100 Points = Savage Wellness Home Wellness Kit

 More levels will be added with biggerer and betterer prizes as we grow!