The Savage Philosophy:


I want to make healthy living simple, affordable and sustainable for everyone. 

Hiring a personal trainer is expensive!

Trying out every fitness fad can lead to injuries!

Finding time to get to the gym and organize child care or continue to get your work done and keep your house clean is stressful!

My mission is to make access to the tools and knowledge necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle available to everyone. 

I believe in a holistic approach to health that doesn't sacrifice our mental health for our physical health.

Together, we will create new healthy habits and kick old unhealthy patterns.

Your goals become my goals and together we will achieve and surpass them! 

I know I can teach you how to get healthy and in 6 weeks. Are you ready to make it happen?

The Savage Wellness Creation Story:


I started Savage Wellness about a year after my second baby was born in Spring of 2017. I was sleep deprived and suffering from undiagnosed postpartum depression. I didn’t have the time to see my clients as often as they needed and as I felt like I needed to take a step back from work to focus on my health, I wanted to make sure my clients would be able to thrive without our weekly sessions. So I started writing out homework assignments for them and checking in on them to keep them engaged and inspired.

From my own research into self care and finding a new normal as a mom, I started to realize how I could help from a more holistic approach rather than focusing on workouts and weight loss. With my daily check ins, we were addressing things like poor sleep patterns, inability to stick to their nutrition plan, stress from the kids or guilt over prioritizing themselves. I started adding in mindfulness and stress management techniques and right away, my clients started achieving goals that they had been working on for years in a matter of weeks and months. 

The habits were sticking and they were having fun and feeling great and motivated to keep going. It was then I decided to follow my passion of helping people be the best and healthiest versions of themselves and I started Savage Wellness. In my desire to reach more people and make wellness something that is not a luxury item, I have created a virtual gym where all of my most adored and incredible resources for wellness can come together in one place just for YOU! Join me and learn how to #livehealthybehappy!