What Exactly IS The S.Well Moms Program?

This year I created a 6 Weeks to Wellness Course designed specifically for moms who are ready to take back control of their health and happiness but don’t know where or how to start.

Before we had kids, self care was just another part of life. We ate healthy when we could, we got to the gym, we went out with our friends and found time to make ourselves happy. Somewhere between conception and birth, taking care of our needs (even the basic ones!) started to feel selfish and overwhelming. As a mom we have so much to juggle, physically and mentally so if any balls are going to drop, we usually let go of our own.

But the more we step away from ourselves, the more we lose our compassion for ourselves. And raising kids and having a partner and a life just all start to become a daily routine that you need to get through. What if you didn’t have to feel that way? What if you could prioritize yourself and feel awesome about it?

Just imagine having someone help take care of YOU every day! How would it feel to know there is a plan? And that it’s not selfish. And that you can do it and you will feel AMAZING.

This isn't your typical diet - it’s not a diet at all. It's a personal, high quality and result based experience. We're not talking about a plan of action that works but is unrealistic for the average person. There is an abundance of programs that can get you fit and healthy but can also get you injured, feeling hangry, feeling unable to keep up and leaves you with no accountability or inspiration. S.Well Moms works from the inside out; shifting your mindset, teaching you to love and respect yourself even more and getting after your goals in a way that works for YOU! I'm there with you each step, each week through the process with personal check ins and 24/7 access to me in our private online community.

This 6 Weeks to Wellness is focused on getting you feeling AWESOME ... which means that as long as you are ready to make a change, I can help get you there.

If you feel like you’ve lost control of your health and happiness and are ready to try a new approach to creating a sustainably healthier lifestyle, This is the program for you!

So what exactly is the S.Well Moms 6 Weeks to Wellness Course?

With the new year coming up and mamas everywhere hoping to make a change, I've been getting a lot of questions about how my online coaching works. So I thought I would break it down (or you can learn more here).

The short answer:

6 Weeks of Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness homework and accountability with a coach by your side to help make sure you make it work for YOUR life. ($299). 

The program was actually designed as a 12 Weeks to AWESOME course that I broke up into two 6 week programs so you can choose to get settled into a healthy routine in 6 weeks OR go for a full 12 by adding on the 6 Weeks Stronger course and get strong and ready for a whole new you!

The longer answer:

S.Well Moms is a community of like minded mamas committed to prioritize their health and happiness in a way that is realistic and sustainable. We want to drop the guilt and enjoy this amazing #momlife to it’s fullest and we know that the best way to do that is to feel awesome and present a healthy sense of self love and healthy living to our families.

Ok, sounds awesome, but I am busy AF. What kind of homework are we talking about?

I give you a variety of healthy living choices to choose from on any given day so you can always have a way to celebrate your healthy choices whether you got in a great workout and cooked a new healthy recipe or were stuck behind a desk all day and had to grab food when you could.

I want to teach you about the power of accumulation.

Healthy living DOES NOT have to be an all or nothing approach. I will show you how to shift your mindset and self talk so you can make healthy choices when you can and learn to treat yourself in a way that doesn’t throw you off track.

The long answer:

Workouts: We ease you in both body and mind into creating the time and energy (and strength) to fit workouts into your life. These workouts get you strong for mom life and focus on all the areas we need to move better and feel better. Toning and strengthening our way to feeling awesome.

Nutrition: You get a nutrition plan that explains how weight loss works but gives you simple guidelines and structure to create a set of habits that will get you feeling back in control of your nutrition intake. No restriction, counting calories, or focusing on what foods you can and can’t eat. It’s all about a simple approach to choosing healthy when you can and staying consistent so you can see the results you are looking for.

Healthy Habits: Each week you get a set of fitness, nutrition and wellness challenges to teach you about new foods and consistent habits you can incorporate into your days that will have a HUGE impact on your mental and physical health. Taking 7 days to try out a habit and see how it feels to settle in sets attainable goals and helps you learn about the power of staying consistent.

Accountability: Each week you get a check in by me where we will discuss what you’ve been up to and I can help ensure that you are making the progress you want to be making and that you are not only physically thriving, but creating the mental shift necessary to sustain your results. Together we can set personal goals and tweak the homework to fit into your lifestyle.

Community: Join the community and get feedback to remind you that you are a priority and what you are doing is important. You have access to a private Facebook group where you can not only access me any time, but a whole community of mamas and my favorite health and wellness professionals - midwives, doulas, chiropractors, lactation consultants and sleep consultants I trust to give you information that aligns with my compassionate and realistic approach to coaching.

What about the mamas who already get to workout classes they love?

I designed this program to have a series of workouts that gets you ready in mind and body for a more active lifestyle. That being said, if you are already getting to your workouts and feeling good physically, this program will help ensure that you are doing the right kind of exercise to get you to your goals and will give you a nutrition and wellness program that will be the perfect accompaniment to your fitness routine.

If you are focusing on your fitness and exercise as your primary weight loss tool, that is probably a big reason why you aren’t reaching your goals. Although it’s not the fun answer, wrangling in your nutrition habits is the main way to not only lose unwanted weight, but to also ensure you FEEL rested and awesome.

So adding in a program like this will help you make the changes you need in a way that feels do-able and sustainable so you can finally reach your goals. There is a lot of stress in wondering why all the hard work and money you are spending on classes isn’t getting those pounds off like you want.

This program will get you there.

The Extras:

  • For a fraction of the price of a personal trainer, you have a weight management coach, a cheerleader, and a personal trainer in your pocket helping give you the tools you need to make sustainable changes. You will feel awesome and have the confidence in your strategy so you stick with it and see results!

  • You will have access to a library of resources on top of the assigned workouts to meet all of your healthy living needs - from yoga videos, to foam rolling and joint mobility tutorials to meditations.

Is there anyone this program isn’t for?

If you aren’t ready to make a change, this program isn’t for you. This program is not just accountability for you to do the things you usually do to lose weight. This is a lifestyle change designed to reduce stress and cortisol levels, increase sleep and energy, decrease cravings and build strength and healthy movement patterns. It works but you need to be committed to trying new things and trusting the process!

If you are looking for easy fixes or hacks to get health or lose weight, this isn’t it. But while it’s not necessarily EASY, it is simple and is designed to fit neatly into your life without making you feel deprived, guilty or like it’s beyond your capabilities. If followed correctly, you will lose unwanted weight and fat surprisingly quickly and it will stay off. We will not be starving ourselves, or killing ourselves in the gym to get there so if that is what you are looking for, I recommend looking elsewhere!

Still Not sure if this program is right for you?

I also want you to be ready and excited to get started! If you feel like you still have questions or want to make sure we are a good fit, feel free to set up a free consult by emailing me here!

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