Let's Get REAL About Weight Loss

I know, I know! I always talk about keeping the focus on healthy vs. weight loss: don't focus on getting skinny, focus on getting healthy and feeling good (and excess weight will come off!). But I also know that if you follow me, you may be struggling to find a way to live a healthier lifestyle.

Weight loss goals are valid and real and often align with a desire to settle in to a healthier lifestyle. So I wanted to address those goals, too! Because it really all does come down to the same things: be consistent, set a goal, and make choices.

So whether you are trying to lose some fat or get rid of some unhealthy habits that seem to be standing in your way to a healthier lifestyle, this post is for you!

Today we will go over the simple structure of a weight loss diet (spoiler: KEEP IT SIMPLE) and how to make it stick (finally!) so you can stop trying and start doing.

I'm going to get real real:

We all know how to lose weight - it's quite simple. Take in less calories than you consume and you will lose weight. Making it happen is where a lot of us get stuck - whether it's inspiration, motivation, or pinpointing the detail that is standing in our way.

What it really comes down to is wanting to lose weight. Do you want to lose weightmore than you want to eat a whole pizza or go out on the weekends or nap instead of getting in a workout (or whatever your indulgence is)? If you are trying to lose weight and you aren't, you probably don't (and you may not even realize it). At least not more than you want to indulge in the moments you are choosing to indulge.

Again, that is ok! There are SO MANY things I think are way more important than my weight. But my health is a different story. And I also know that the way my clothes fit and the way I feel about my body is important to me and not having to fixate on that is a big motivator for me choosing healthy when I do.

I am a big fan of pizza and naps, so I get it! And I'm also not saying that those are things you shouldn't want (they're awesome)! BUT if you are trying to lose some weight, we need a little restructuring.

If you want your body to change (and your lifestyle), you need to make some changes. But we also don't need to eat boiled chicken, and steamed veggies every day to get there. Here are the things I know you can all do if you want to get that weight off. You CAN. Now, it's your choice if you want to!

  • Numero uno key - eat consistent nutrient dense meals and snacks throughout the day. Try not to go longer than 3 hours between meals and snacks. Don’t wait until you’re hangry. This is not just about nutrition, but also decreasing cortisol to get rid of cravings and manage portion control.

  • Get up earlier and go for a walk or get in a workout

  • Cut out alcohol (or cut back by at least 2/3 - quantity, not just timing - the 7 drinks you have on Saturday are just as many calories as the 7 you were spreading throughout the week before...)

  • No more processed snacks (think anything in packages - and this definitely includes drinks!)

  • Focus your meals and snacks around protein and fiber

  • Up your veggie and fruit intake at least double what you're doing now.

  • Strength workouts 3-5 times a week (even if it's 20-30 minutes in your living room!).

  • Portion control your meals (all of them).

  • No more cheat days - instead, on the weekends, make healthy choices when you can.


It's not complicated. Follow the steps above and don't overthink it. It's not easy! It takes you consistently choosing to prioritize your health and weight loss goals. But you WILL get where you want to be and that will free up so much mental energy so stick with it! Whatever goal you have is awesome. Let me know if you need any help! I have free consults and tons of ways I can help you reach your goals and feel AMAZING.

And Remember: Skinny does not = healthy. So live healthy and you are set! Find a balance that works for you and make healthy choices as often as you can and enjoy your indulgences. But if you have a weight loss goal - allow yourself to have that! You can do it and you can get where you want to be AND feel awesome and healthy. It can all go together and you can finally stop trying and start focusing on all the awesomeness your life has to offer.