Let's Talk About Last Weekend

Let's talk about last weekend. And this weekend. And maybe all the weekends.

Went a little off track? Or maybe you even took a beautiful swan dive off that wagon!

Sound familiar?

Weekends are the time when many of us can really throw off a "good" week of healthy effort. But here's the deal:

If you're hitting the weekend hard and you'd prefer more self control, then that week may not have been as healthy as you think.

Eating light all week may leave you not only feeling deprived and ready to take on a couple donuts and some fries, but you may not be taking in enough calories in your week to have the energy you need to, well, live!

Your weekend binges are what are giving you the energy (calories) that allows you to eat so light during the week without passing out or turning into a three headed rage monster. So all you've done is created a vicious cycle creating a need to consume more energy at the end of a long, light week.

And, of course, the balance you've created is not really a balance at all and that mindless free-for-all you feel like you've earned, is adding way more calories to your week than you would like - causing weight gain even or, at a minimum, negating any weight loss that may have resulted out of your week if your goal is weight loss.

So, what to do?

Eat more during the week.

That's right. Eat more to lose more. There is a common idea that 1200 calories a day (for an average woman) is the caloric intake needed to lose weight so that means less than 1200 calories a day will be even better and you'll lose weight faster!

But, while that is true in terms of numbers, what happens is cortisol build up (stress from not having enough energy!), adrenal fatigue as you put your body into fight or flight mode just to get through the day, and a compulsion to consume that is hard to ignore.

So get SAVAGE with your weekdays. Stay consistent, prioritize nutrient dense foods, decrease sugars and stay hydrated! And sleep. Get your sleep!

It's pretty simple.

Then you'll get to the weekend and be able to indulge in the way you want and not throw off all of that beautiful effort you put in to your healthy choices during the week.

BOOM! Healthy, happy and enjoying your guilt-free cocktail like the boss you are.