The Ultimate Toddler/Baby Travel Hack

I have a friend who is a genius. I mean she is probably actually a genius - she is insanely smart and good at what she does, but she also created this incredible travel accessory for her kids that I am dying over.

And before you roll your eyes and tell yourself that you would love to be able to make something like this but you just can’t find the time, understand that Penelope is a full time lawyer with two kids and a husband who often works in the evenings. She is something of a super hero, so I’ll give you that, but don’t sell yourself short either. I’m giving you a little cheat sheet that she gave me so you can be the parent everyone is rolling their eyes at (isn’t that what we all aspire to? Just a little bit?)!

So check out this amazing travel activity pouch and run to your nearest craft store (or google it like I had to #notacraftymom) and bring this along on your next adventure. You won’t regret it!

Penelope’s Magic Play Pouch:


I got the idea to make the activity pouch out of a folding travel toiletries kit, when I was trying to think of how to contain a variety of activity options in one place without having to fish around in a big carryon bag. (See? She’s a genius!)

This was awesome because I could hang it from the airplane seat, and easily fold it up to stash in a bag or the stroller. It actually works great at restaurants too! Here are my tips for making your own:

  • I highly recommend a pouch with zipper closures.

  • I filled mine with stuff I knew my 3 year old was very into, and/or found a little bit challenging, so it would capture her attention for prolonged periods of time.

  • I had felt pieces (a mix of home made and store bought) in different themes to play make believe (cars and roads, gardening, tools, people you can dress up), and tons of stickers and paper.

  • The biggest hit was a collection of sparkly pipe cleaners we used to string plastic rainbow beads and gaudy costume jewelry beads. Great for fine motor skills and making jewelry for any interested parties nearby!

  • Stuff it with whatever speaks to you and your kids and get ready for hours of fun in small spaces!