4 Tips to Get Back to Healthy Living When Summer Ends

I had every intention of having a healthy summer. I did my Spring Clean YOU Challenge and I really put a focus on prioritizing not only my physical but also my mental health this summer.

By many accounts, my summer has been quite healthy. I have been very active, if not getting in as many strength workouts as I would have liked, and I've been mindful of my nutrition intake, choosing foods that nourish me and keep me feeling energized and satiated (go me!).

Along with those things, I've been prioritizing my family and friendships -- which, in my case, means pool parties and girls nights out -- which, in my case, means wine and booze and some pretty frequent indulgences (nachos. It's mainly nachos.).

So, as much as I love these lazy summer mornings, the ever changing schedules of summer camps and impromptu road trips and adventures, I can't ignore that the school start date is fast approaching and if I don't get back to my routine, I may start to spiral back into survival mode when that all or nothing mindset starts to kick in again.

While the nachos and margis may have taken my summer health goals a bit off course, I've been able to find my balance amidst the flexible schedule of summer. But with Fall looming, I know I need to get back to my steady Savage rhythm so I thought I'd share my best tips for easing back in to my routine with you!

1. When a nightly drink or two becomes such a regular habit you have trouble breaking the cycle, find a healthy swap instead.

Don't start by telling yourself booze is now off limits, remind yourself of the better quality of sleep you'll get if you skip it and the pride you'll feel in sticking with your intentions. Instead of reaching for that glass of wine when you get home, try a big glass of water!

I KNOW that's not the same, but getting hydrated plays a big part of that craving. Next, I like to replace my booze with a treat. It may even have the same calories, but at least I know that I am sticking with my plan. And that feels good.

Kombucha is my go-to, lately. It's sippable, low sugar and feels like a nice healthy treat! And if that's not enough, have a small serving of chocolate or ice cream to show yourself that you can still #treatyoself without giving in and feeling guilty after.

2. Get active!

Start by getting active as often as possible in small ways rather than telling yourself you'll all of a sudden start getting to 4 classes a week. Small workouts squeezed in when you can, parking farther away and going for walks are a great .

Even 2 or 3 minutes sprinkled into your day makes for a very significant amount of time in a week, month or year! Try this one - it's a great one to squeeze in in a small space when you have a mo!

3. Focus on feeling awesome.

Make food choices and activity choices based on what will help you feel energized and proud! A hearty salad, a healthy wrap, a smoothie... eat consistently without skipping meals (that doesn't feel awesome in anyone's book), eat before you feel ravished, and make a plan to have access to healthy choices that will keep you feeling great all day.

If you indulge and wish you hadn't, remind yourself of all the healthy choices you've been making, remind yourself that you will continue to make those choices and that cookie you shoved in your face can just be a little delicious treat in your healthy lifestyle.

4. Find your me-time!

I, for one, have been caught up in starting this business for over a year. I've been telling myself that we are in survival mode right now as the boys are little and full of energy, my husband is in school full time - often 3 hours drive away, and my business is in the early development stages.

But that's not survival mode anymore. Survival mode is not sustainable. I realized that this is just my life and I need to own it.

So I'm slowing down and saying my mantra, "It's not that important," when I find myself getting stressed about balancing my self care with my busy life. Family and ME come first.

As I was finishing this newsletter up yesterday morning, my bestie texted me and asked if I wanted to come over and hang out. Yes. Yes I did. So I closed my laptop and decided I needed that time more than I needed to finish this newsletter ;)

You understand.

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Let's get Savage,