Get Tank Top Ready with These FREE Summer Workouts

I may have a skewed perspective, living in California, but if my globally diverse Facebook feed is sending me the right messages, I'm seeing a lot of sunny weather and beautiful blooms inspiring us all to get outside!

I am LOVING this sunshine.

As much as I love summer and sunshine, though, I am a much bigger fan of fall fashion. I love jeans and cardigans and chunky sweaters. Short shorts, sun-dresses and spaghetti straps remind me of my large arms and super white and easily bruised legs. BUT, when it's hot out, it's hot out and those tiny clothes just FEEL good as we get outside to play and enjoy this incredible #momlife.

So, as we dive in to tank top and shorts season, I thought I'd hit you with some bonus SAVAGE exercises to help tone those shoulders and pop that boot-tay.

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Okay, you’re right, we are getting SAVAGE, after all. So I should mention that while I do love helping you get that tone and shape you’re looking for, these exercises are designed to get you moving well and feeling awesome!

As we breastfeed, drive, check our phones, send emails, read books, and all of the other life movement patterns we do all day, we create the exact opposite strength to stretch patterns throughout our bodies that we need. The upper back (rhomboids) get loosened up as we slouch forward, our chest tightens, our hip flexors (those small muscles in the front of our hips that lift our legs) just get tighter and tighter and our tush and hamstrings (the back of our legs get nice and atrophied (that’s not a good thing!). Our abs get loose and our low back gets tight.

None of this is good, healthy or helpful for our bodies. SO, we need to address it. We need to strengthen our upper back and stretch out our chest; we need to activate that tush and stretch the front of our legs and hips; and we need to engage those abdominal muscles and release the low back. While we get an added bonus of being able to rock that summer romper (not an ad- I just love these and their mission!) we also need to work on these muscles to feel awesome and move well so we can stay consistent and keep feeling SAVAGE well!

And if you're looking to shed a bit of fluff as you tone and strengthen, cleaning up your nutrition habits will go a long way without having to count calories or cut out everything that makes you happy. (unfortunately I can't do anything for pale, bruisy legs *sigh*)

May is also my very favorite month for a couple other reasons (it's not just about the sunshine and roses):

May is the month we get to celebrate my favorite people for MOTHER'S DAY!

While I get to celebrate their awesomeness every day, I love any excuse to spoil my VIP mamas (that's you!)! SO, I thought I'd let you in on a secret so you can get an amazing deal on the gift that truly keeps giving!

The day after Mother's Day, May 13, my pricing and services will be restructured (read: prices will be increasing significantly), so if you're considering joining my JUNE 6 Weeks to Wellness Goal Getters Group (20 spots available) or doing a one on one coaching package (5 openings left), apply or purchase NOW. You don't want to miss this price (or the results you'll get out of your 6 weeks of getting SAVAGE well)!

May is Mental Health Awareness month

And if you know me, you know I'm a big advocate for prioritizing our mental health above all else (and, bonus, that's often the secret to sustaining our physical health!).

As days become a bit more sunny, take some time to explore your feelings and prioritize YOU. Let that sunshine into your life!

Even if you're not struggling with a healthy mindset, keeping our minds healthy takes daily effort just like caring for our bodies!

Talk to someone you trust and share you thoughts and feelings. Ask for help, journal, meditate, and take some action to boost your mood every day.

Read about my postpartum depression experience here

Now get out there and live SAVAGE Well!

You're all amazing! 



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