6 Tips for Getting Active This Summer (PLUS A Bonus Workout!)

Last week we talked about how to balance exercise with our healthy living goals so this week I wanted to give you all of my best tips on HOW to get more active and find time to get in your workouts!

Tips for getting more fitness into your already busy lifestyle:

Move more:

Even just getting out - parking farther away, walking more, playing with your kids actively - will all have a HUGE effect on your health.

Try to think about your fitness not as the workouts you do, but as the lifestyle you lead. Get active when you can so that getting to your favorite class will be an awesome bonus to your day or week, not something you’re relying on (ie. a source of stress!)!

When you're at the park with your kiddo, don't worry about the other eyes on you, find a bench, or use the play structure if it's not too busy and it in your own workout while you watch your kiddo(s) play.

You can even bring a resistance tube if you're really thinking ahead! But even if you don't have workout gear on, use that bench you're sitting on and get in some step ups, some push ups, some dips, and whatever else you've got in you. Remember, even 5 minutes is better than no minutes. And when done consistently, you'll make huge progress!

Set small goals and stay inspired:

If you’ve worked with me, this is what the weekly and monthly challenges are for. I give you 3 small things you can focus on every day to keep you inspired to make healthy choices.

For example, last week in the free Facebook group, we’re doing 50 squats a day. Sounds like a lot but as you start looking for time to squeeze in 10 or 20 or even 50 squats, you are bringing your fitness to the forefront of your mind.

You’re getting active and you’re getting strong without having to go somewhere or even carve out a dedicated time for it. You are working it into your lifestyle and making progress consistently.

Make a rule:

Just like my "drink water before you put anything in your mouth" rule that helps keep you mindful of what you eat AND hydrated, creating a rule around your activity is huge for developing a healthy routine.

If you take conference calls a lot, make a rule that you get up and walk around the block after each one (bonus, it can also help you think through everything you just absorbed!) or shut the door and do a quick circuit of push ups, lunges and mountain climbers.

OR if your kid melts down a lot (like mine!), maybe you can create a rule that after every resolution, you do a quick circuit or throw a dance party and add in some exercises to your dance moves.

Finding things you do every day and developing a healthy add on to it is a great way to create a consistent routine that will quickly become habit.

Small Frequent workouts:

Just like creating an active lifestyle, if you want to see results it’s all about staying consistent and getting to the gym for an hour consistently enough is pretty hard as a mom of littles! It’s also hard to motivate to take that time for yourself.

An hour workout sounds hard and unless you’re doing it consistently, it doesn’t always sound like what you want to be doing. So start small. Or stay small and a larger workout as an awesome treat for yourself when you do find the time and energy.

I often will tell myself to just do 5 minutes. I’ll do it in the playroom or at night after the kids go down. 95% of the time, I go longer and I keep going for 20, 30 or 40 minutes but sometimes I just do the 5 and that’s still awesome! At least I’ve done that!

Wake up early:

I know I know, this one is rough. But it's not that bad, and actually it can be quite glorious! The best part about a home workout is you can do it in your PJs and you get to decide the intensity.

As above, start small here. Tell yourself 5 minutes and you can either stop there or keep pushing for another 5 and then another 5 as long as you feel inspired. It's the getting started that's hard. Once you start, it's actually pretty easy to keep going.

Waking up just 20 minutes earlier isn't dipping in to your sleep too much, and you can grab a great workout and even drink some hot coffee before entering #momlife.

Find classes (or an active hobby!) you love:

I love my home workouts now (it took a while to get there but I’m here and I love the freedom and autonomy it offers me) but there is also a lot I don’t do on my own. Getting to a TRX, Barre3 or Orange Theory class are some of my favorite ways to make sure I keep pushing myself.

It refreshes my approach to my home workouts and it pushes me outside my comfort zone. I do them when I can and want to and I keep progressing because I’m staying consistent with my home workouts.

And when you're not relying on those classes for your weight management, it's actually a fun treat when you realize you have the time and energy to go. It's a great healthy self care tool!

Those are my best tips to get you moving, now you go out and DO IT! Let me know how it goes and what your plan is. I LOVE hearing from you and I am here to help you be successful!

To make it easier on you, I'm attaching a great workout you can do anywhere in the button below (reply here if you'd like me to send you the PDF as well)

Stay awesome, mama! You're amazing and you can do this. Slow and steady and celebrate every choice you are making to prioritize your health and happiness.

You're a bright light in the lives of those who love you!