4 Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated, Like It's Your Job!

If I had to pick one thing to focus on when trying to prioritize your healthy living habits, hands down I would choose hydration. Our bodies are about 60% water. So water is literally the foundation of your healthy body. Making sure to take in enough to keep your blood flowing well and the organs functioning is not just a fact, but it feels good, too! And you know how I feel about helping you feel good (I feel really good about it).

On the technical side, there are a bunch of different opinions on how much water we should take in each day. A common recommendation is eight 8-ounce glasses of water. This is called the 8×8 rule - very easy to remember.

You can also calculate half your body weight in pounds and translate that to ounces to give you your personal daily intake goal. So for a 150 lb person, they should drink 75oz of water per day. Also pretty simple to remember.

As with most things, many factors ultimately affect your need for water. Medications you may be taking, how active you are, the current climate, your salt intake, etc..

Almost every one I talk to - my parents, my clients, my siblings, my friends - all frequently talk about their poor water intake. "I just don't like water." "I can't drink very fast." "I always forget." "I don't want to have to pee."

Whatever your excuse, toss it out the window. On this one, I'm putting my foot down.

Suck it up (literally) and just drink enough water:

  • It's free

  • it's easy

  • it's not time consuming in any significant way

Drinking water will:

  • boost performance/workout better

  • increase energy

  • decrease cravings

  • increase weight loss

  • clear up your skin

  • keep you regular ;)

  • decrease your chance of kidney stones

  • even boost your mood

it's a must.

So check out my tips for how to ensure you stay hydrated and stop slowing yourself down:

How much should you drink?

In my app, I have a standard of 60oz per day to shoot for (90oz if you're breastfeeding). This is really to give you a goal to aim for that will keep you healthy. More is great! It's pretty hard to overdo it on the agua but it is possible.

So don't push yourself to discomfort, just try to sip and chug when you can steadily throughout the day. And definitely get in a full glass with your meals and scheduled snacks. If your pee is anymore than a hint of yellow, you're dehydrated, so up your game!

Create a rule:

My favorite tip for my clients is to tell them to drink a glass of water (or at least a few big sips if a glass is too ambitious) before they put anything in their mouths. If you try to have 3 meals and 2 scheduled snacks during your day, this will give you at least 5 glasses of water.

This will keep you hydrated and mindful of every time you may be popping some food in your mouth without thinking (for example, the goldfish that fell on the carseat - easier to slam them in your face than find a trash can and you definitely don't want them getting crushed and creating that beautiful orange dust across your back seat, as they do.

Obviously keeping a glass or water bottle at your desk and in your car and on the kitchen counter are also great ways to get some water on the fly, too. Other rules can be every time you finish an email, or end a conference call, or even every time you use the restroom.

Pick one or a couple to help you hit a hydration level that feels good for you!

Spice it up:

Ok, as much as I want to roll my eyes when I hear that someone doesn't like water, I do get it. We all have our things - for example I'm a little afraid of butterflies. That's super weird, too. So I can't judge! BUT, since you need water and it literally tastes like nothing, it's a hard excuse for me to swallow. That being said, there are a ton of ways around it, too!

Add some fruit to a pitcher and store that in your fridge. That gets you a hint of natural flavor without all the plastic containers and money spent on flavored waters. Herbal teas are also a great way to get in your hydration without just chugging plain water. Sip on that.

My Chinese coaches all start the day with a jar of green tea and as the day goes they just keep refilling it with hot water. The caffeine and tea essence is less and less throughout the day but they still get the comforting flavor that keeps them reaching for their jar whenever they take a break from standing on our legs while we do the splits or holding us in a handstand until our arms give out.

The pee pee sitch:

Ok this one is legit. I get that. Public restrooms are gross and it's annoying to have to keep getting up to pee. But that's just no excuse. Pee is your body literally getting rid of waste. Your body has a lot it needs to get out, too, and water helps it do that. Staying hydrated keeps a steady blood flow through your organs to keep them all functioning as designed.

That stagnation from dehydration and lack of use of our organs from a diet of processed foods and low nutrients is thought to lead to chronic illnesses and some cancers. So drink up and pee!

Try shifting your mindset about it. More potty breaks means more steps and a less sedentary day. And if you're a girl (and some boys, no judgement!), you get in some extra squats getting on and off that toilet!

AND, your body WILL adjust. So stay consistent and you will stop having to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes. It's when you're only hydrating sometimes that you body reacts by peeing it out at a frequency that can be infuriating. A solid two weeks of consistent hydration and you'll settle in and won't be needing to get aquainted with every public restroom in your neighborhood.

Buy a thoughtful water bottle:


Just like buying a new workout outfit can help inspire you to hit the gym, getting a cute water bottle will inspire you to drink more water! Get one with a loop to hook it onto your finger as your carry all your stuff around, and a straw is always helpful for easy access so you don't need two hands to open and close the top! I may be biased, but I'm a fan of this one ;)

So there you have it. Drink more water.

Now, I challenge you:

Drink 60+oz of water every day for 30 days and tell me how it feels! Honor system here plus 2 shout outs on social media about your efforts (tag me @savagewellness so I make sure to see it), and I'll send you one of my water bottles for free!

Ok, Savages! You know what to do now. Healthy living shouldn't be a chore so go out and Live Healthy AND Be Happy!