6 Savagely Healthy Travel Tips for your Holiday Travels (PLUS A Bonus Workout!)

This is the most popular time of year to travel and, with that in mind, it's can also be the most chaotic time of year to travel.

Often we use a travel day as an excuse to chow on unlimited fast food, sit for hours and hours on end, feel stressed and just power through. But at the end of the day and when you arrive at your destination, you're left feeling exhausted, achey and pretty grumpy.

What if I told you it doesn't have to be that way? You can arrive feeling ready to hang with your loved ones and proud of the way you got through the tough day.

Whether it’s across country to visit the in-laws or a road trip to the mountains, here are some great tips to help make your trip manageable and, dare I say, pleasurable(?)!

Savage Travel Tips:

•Start the day with a workout: 

If you can, get yourself to a gym, go out for a run, or get a home workout in before you leave. Your body will thank you and your brain will, too! No heavy lifting - keep it to cardio and lighter weights and don’t forget to stretch after!

Whether it’s a road trip or a plane trip, plan your meals and breaks: 

Pack some healthy snacks - nuts, fruits and veggies are great and easy to pack. Remember to use reusable Tupperware or baggies! The island of plastic in the middle of the ocean is no joke!

Map out or time your bathroom breaks: 

Find stops along your route in the car BEFORE you leave and schedule them into your drive. For air travel, get your pee breaks in after security and as soon as the seatbelt light go off on the plane. Get another one in at least every 2 hours. If you don't need to go, you're dehydrated so drink up! Use these breaks to stretch out and realign, too!

For you road trippers, try out what one of my clients calls her Potty Squatties: every time you stop for a pee break, do 20 alternating lunges, 20 wall push ups, 20 sumo squats and 20 alternating leg kicks (and reach for the toe when you kick). If you’re up for it, and have space, throw in 10 burpees and a minute of jumping jacks!

I am not a huge fan of in-seat workouts but there are plenty you can check out online. To me it’s hard to do, you look silly and you don’t get much benefit from it, so just make sure to get to the bulk head every couple hours for some stretching and exercise if you really feel motivated!


I know it’s easier said than done, but get your rest while traveling. Try to prioritize it. It’s soooooo important for stress reduction and keeping that immune system healthy as it's bombarded by circulated air and lots of hugs and kisses.

Stock up on workouts: 

Try to plan when and where you can do them while away and if you know you won’t be able to get much in, get lots of workouts in before you leave! Long walks are also a great way to connect with loved ones, so get active with your friends and family while away! (and don't forget about the Virtual Gym where you have a bunch of great workouts and tools to keep your body feeling awesome).


This one's always on my list, right?! Well, there's a reason for that! If you're not doing the 25 Days of Presence with me, you can still sign up! It's free, anyway! Or download Calm or Headspace and take a mo on the plane or in the car (or use the deep sleep meditation in Virtual Gym for a better bedtime!)

If you're looking for tips for managing and traveling with the kiddos - I love this blog post!

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