1 Tip to Keep Your Summer Savage

I’m up on the Russian River for two weeks and it is feeling like full-blown-summer now! The days of adventure and parenting are long and the relaxing evenings (after the kids hit the hay) are short.

The kids are out of school, and I am on my third day of parenting solo (my husband is working up here) and trying to still manage clients and my (awesome) free Facebook group (it’s not too late to join! I’d love to see you and your friends in there!).

This summer life is for REAL.

I had visions of this time being all fun with the boys, cuddling with my husband at night, squeezing in some fun work, and being healthy AF.

I mean, don’t we all have the best intentions in the summer? When it’s not here, it feels like it could be a super healthy time for us to buckle down and get fit. But then summer hits and reality sets in and the warm weather and beauty, at least for me, calls for a cold beer, crisp Rosé or stiff G&T (sub in booze free soft drinks of choice for the non-drinkers!). Popsicles and ice cream become regular snacks for the kids and, maybe it’s my dad’s Texan roots, but chips and salsa in the afternoons just feel NEEDED.

Add to that the kids being home and crazed 24/7 and the stress levels rise, sleep quality decreases (because #booze and #fullbellies), and my mindful approach to fitness and healthy living starts to go a bit sideways. Differentiating between what my body wants (regular activity, low sugar, consistent nutrition) and what summer is telling me I want (booze, chips, lazy) is harder than I realized!

And it’s not just the nutrition — the other day I had told myself I was going to run that evening when my husband got home and the morning had gotten away from me so I didn’t get in the workout I had planned. When evening came, I realized I hadn’t seen my husband for 4 days and the boys were having so much fun and I just didn’t want to miss it! So I told myself I’d get in a run the next morning as I had planned to take that day off. Then, of course, I woke up in the morning with a ton of excuses: “It’s cold,” “I’m tired,” “We’re on vacation,” “I don’t want to miss out on family time,” “I JUST DON’T WANNA!”

With all this coming at you, it’s HARD to keep your healthy living on track. I get it and I am with you. If you’re feeling the summer creep in on your healthy living efforts, I’ve got ONE tip that will help you stay on track and still keep your summer mindset! Seriously, just one:

Talk to yourself

Starting here is where we can have the biggest impact on our healthy goals. Much of the time we go through life without really checking in with ourselves. At least not in any meaningful way.

Fitness is just something we do - get to the gym or a class and check a box. Eat healthy because you should - get off track and spend days, weeks or even years, trying to get motivated to get back to it. No conversation happens, we just do it or don’t do it: Feel good or feel guilty.

It doesn’t have to work like that.

How about we make healthy living, and even fitness, part of our lifestyle? This is where the magic happens!

You are amazing so let’s learn to trust and gain confidence in yourself and the choices you make on the reg for YOU!

When it came to getting in that workout I kept putting off, I (thankfully) realized that I was starting to listen to my summer voice, not my mindful voice. I reminded myself that I would feel so much better if I got it done. I reminded myself how disappointed I’d feel in myself if I didn’t do it. I reminded myself I’d just have to keep searching for a time to get in a workout and that would suck.

So, I started talking to myself. I owned my excuses and started going through them. I told myself if I got cold, I could come back home. I told myself if I didn’t feel like running, I could walk. I told myself if I still felt like I was missing out on family time, I could turn around and join them. And, honestly, a bit reluctantly, I headed out the door.

I walked, then I jogged, then I started creating goals for myself. “Run one mile and then head in.” I hit a mile and decided to go for two. I hit two and decided to make it a solid 3. I walked when I needed a break and I ran as soon as I felt ready. The run felt great and I felt super proud (and I only missed 1/2 an hour of family time)!

In the summer, as chaos ensues, it’s easy to put ourselves on autopilot so try to create a plan to check in with yourself. Whenever you have a craving or feel like you want to skip that workout or activity you had planned, stop and check in with yourself.

When feeling peckish, ask yourself: Is my body nourished? If the answer is no, (ie. you’re actually hungry), reach for something substantial that is high protein, high fiber, and low in sugar, food dyes, and preservatives. THEN tell yourself you can have the treat you’re eyeing if you still want it. If the answer is yes, your body is nourished, and you still feel compelled to chow down, ask yourself if you’re hydrated or if you could be bored (ie. do you really want that snack?). The answer to one of those may be the ticket so chug some water and/or do something like a quick 10 minute workout!

When feeling unmotivated to get in the activity you planned, ask yourself WHY. Clearly it’s not because you don’t need it, you had already made the plan to do it! So don’t let yourself talk yourself out of it. Go through the excuses and find solutions.

Yesterday at the beach with the kids I realized I was just sitting and watching them play. It was nice but I had some energy so I got up and did about 20 minutes of exercises on the river rocks in my swimsuit. Just whatever I could think of. It felt great and I could still watch and interact with the kids.

When a review of your inner thought processes and a discussion with yourself becomes routine, you can find times, places and ways to get in your activity and stick with your healthy nutrition quite easily! You can also feel confident when you do choose to indulge or skip a workout that you are still prioritizing you and feeling awesome. BOOM. Simple, sustainable, and feels great. Summer fun can continue and you can stay on track.

…Maybe with a few extra drinks, popsicles and chips because #summervoice has some good points ;)

Just talk to yourself - you might be surprised how awesome you are!

Stay awesome, mamas! Take the next two weeks to focus on your inner dialogue. Explore your excuses, see if you can take back the reigns and create the mindfulness you need to keep your Summer Savage!