Clutter Free Fall

By Kendall Wilson

Spring-cleaning gets all of the hype, but there’s no better time than the Fall to purge your house of clutter and head into the holidays feeling relaxed and prepared.  Here are ten quick spots in your home that can likely use a bit of decluttering this month.

In your kitchen...

spice drawer.JPG
  1. YOUR SPICES: It’s a great time to take a good long look at your spice drawer or rack. Get rid of what’s expired and make a list of what needs to be replaced before all of those holiday recipes come calling. Decanting your spices into uniform jars and creating cohesive labels will make your spices as beautiful as they are functional.

  2. YOUR FREEZER: Time to empty your black hole of a freezer and figure out what’s actually worth putting back in. Leave room for puff pastry dough and Thanksgiving leftovers. Use fridge/freezer bins to keep categories separate. What you can find easily is much more likely to be used.

In your closet…

  1. YOUR SUMMER SHOES: Which shoes did you wear so much this summer that they won’t last another season? Which shoes did you not wear at all? No better time than the present to donate these Summer slip-ons before they take up unnecessary space in your closet through the Winter.

  1. YOUR SWIMWEAR: Swimsuits tend to pile up year after year. Chances are you’ve accumulated many and only wear a select few. Take a look at your swimwear and cover-ups and unload what you don’t wear. This includes those suits you used to love that don’t suit you today. Store the keepers out of the way in a basket on a high shelf. 

  2. YOUR OUTERWEAR: Layers are key this time of year in The City of Good Living, but chances are you have more outerwear than you need. Assess which jackets you actually reach for on a chilly morning, a rainy day, or a trip to the mountains, and donate the rest. Having just a few favorites will make your morning routine during these cooler months a breeze. 

In your bathroom…

  1. YOUR MEDICINE CABINET: Dreaded cold and flu season is coming: be prepared with medicine that isn’t expired. I can almost guarantee you have cold syrup from 2015 in your bathroom. Make a list of what you get rid of and replace it before you are in desperate need.

In your kids’ rooms…

  1. THEIR TOYS: As kids ease into the new school year, their hobbies and interests often grow and change. Fall is a great time to get rid of the toys they’ve outgrown and make space for all of the new things the holidays will bring. Your donated toys will be a gift to another child in need. 

  1. THEIR COSTUMES: So you had visions of crafting the perfect costume out of a recycled cardboard box this Halloween, but you waited until the last minute and overspent on yet another unoriginal Amazon Prime ensemble. You’re hoping to pass the costume down to a younger child next year, but honestly, who are you kidding? Unload those excess costumes now—except for fake teeth and wigs, those always come in handy. 

In your living room…

throw blanket.jpg
  1. YOUR THROW BLANKETS: Curling up on a comfortable couch with a cozy throw is one of Fall’s greatest pleasures. Keep only blankets that spark joy in your family, and there will actually be space for people to lounge.

  1. YOUR BOOKS: It’s so simple to borrow, download or listen to your favorite books these days. Other than beautiful and inspiring coffee table books and a few favorite novels, there’s no need to keep too many books in your home. Reduce visual clutter by passing them on to a friend or library.  

Accomplish these quick purging tasks this Fall and your holidays will truly be calm and bright. 

Kendall is a part time school teacher and mom of two. She recently has used obsession with The Container Store and her label maker to start an incredible new business to help the organizationally challenged create peaceful, beautiful, clutter free spaces.

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