What Would My Husband Do?

Okay okay, so this one took me a while to get to where it is now (internally!). It started off as a “how can I stop hating my husband?” article and it was only as I was writing it that I had the realization that I was really just jealous of his ability to take care of his own needs! So I sat with that for a while and explored it and here’s what I’ve come up with!

You know you love your sweet, mildly infuriating, funny, gorgeous, partner. So, as Kristen Bell’s therapist says, “You can’t change people who aren’t you!” We are the ones in control of our happiness. Only us. And, as we realize that, we can free ourselves of the burden of anger and resentment that can sometimes build toward the harmless and loving people around us who only want us to be happy, too!

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