My Top Peninsula Running Routes

I put together a list of my favorite running spots and how and when I like to use them! I've included tips about the course so you can go through and find one that sounds like it meets your needs! I love to run (when I'm in the groove). I find it meditative. It doesn't come easily to me, so it's a cool way for me to push myself and teach myself how to speak kindly to myself. When I run, I am encouraging and compassionate with myself when I tend toward being self-critical and pile on a lot of expectations onto myself. It has done wonders for my self image and sanity over the parenthood years.

I do like a routine, but I also like to switch it up to keep it fun! So I explore a lot. I also meet clients at locations all over the peninsula depending on where they live, so I have spent a lot of time at many of these places. Read on to get some new ideas and inspiration. ALL of these are great for a brisk walk, too! You don't have to be a runner!

I wrote this article with Meredith, who writes a lot for the Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog! Check out the post here