Here are your May Challenges!

Try to do these every day this month! You'll see and feel some amazing changes!


Nutrition Challenge:

Have a smoothie every day! Blend frozen berries, a small over-ripe banana, yogurt, spinach and fresh ginger, with some nut butter and a liquid for a zippy pick-me-up. Smoothies are such a great way to get an awesome and nutritious meal in. They are an incredible and easy breakfast. I like to start with a great base protein. Did you know frozen fruits and veggies are often even fresher and have more nutrients than the “fresh” ones bought in a store? Or visit your local farmer’s market!  There are a TON of great smoothie ideas on Pinterest. Chia, Flax, Bran, or just a psyllium husk fiber powder are also great add ins. And kids love a smoothie! You can’t even taste a handful of spinach thrown in there!


Fitness Challenge:

Do 15 Push Ups, 30 Alternating Lunges and 60 high knees jogging in place every morning before heading to work (or whatever your first outing of the day is). Even better if you get it in first thing!


Wellness Challenge:

Let's spread some LOVE! Compliment someone at least once a day - if not more! Find a sincere way to connect and let someone know they are doing something right. Maybe it’s the mom struggling with melting down kids at the store - “you’re doing a great job!” Or maybe it’s your husband who is looking handsome as always but you never think to tell him. Take some time to check in with your kids and let them know what you  uniquely love about them. And people at work ALWAYS love a coworker who recognizes their hard work and accomplishments! Let’s see how much damage we can do this month brightening people’s days!