Here are your July Challenges!

Try to do these every day this month! You'll see and feel some amazing changes! Whether you are a current client, a Savage Wellness Center member, a past client or even a friend of a friend, these challenges are for you! Every month I'll give you a set of challenges to help you create healthier habits! Keep track and post your progress on social media - or really just post you doing anything healthy and awesome - hashtag #besavagewell and tag me (@savagewellness on Instagram or Savage Wellness or Shannon Shearn on Facebook) and be entered into our monthly raffle for some awesome prizes! 


Nutrition Challenge:

This month let's focus on TREATS! What?? You thought this was about HEALTHY living, right?? Well, treats are healthy, too! Not healthFUL all the time, but it's healthy to treat yourself and enjoy the things you love. What's not healthy is shoving random c-r-a-p in your mouth whenever you see it or shaming yourself on the inside every time you indulge a craving or whim. SOOOOOO, we will be treating ourself this month BUT focusing on being MINDFUL. It's summer and there are parties and summer drinks and ice cream. Think about how you talk to yourself about those things. Do you avoid them and stare longingly at other people enjoying them? Do you tell yourself it's BAD? Do you mindlessly grab less than ideal snacks and shove them in your face on the go? Try to prepare for and plan your idulgences. If you want ice cream, plan when you're going to enjoy it so you can sit and do just that. Enjoy it! If you recently had a treat, ask yourself if you can wait until tomorrowor another time when you might really feel an emotional or situational "need" for something sweet or greasy! Think about how you speak to yourself about treats and things you love. Make time for them, enjoy them and eat healthy whole foods as often as possible when you can! (this will be a fun one to post on social media!)


Fitness Challenge:

 Let's go for getting in 3 strength workouts a week! These can be 5 minutes or 50 minutes! Whatever you feel like will challenge your current routine without pushing you too far out of your comfort zone. Do them at home or in a class you like - a challenging hike will work, too! We have a ton of great resources for you to get your strength work in at home and build a healthy foundation in our online wellness center!


Wellness Challenge:

Pick something you love to do for yourself and DO IT. Do you want to read more? Do you want to get into a fitness routine? Been meaning to get to bed earlier? Find a new hobby? Do you want to prioritize pampering yourself - massages, manicures, facials? Do you want to get in more of a social life? What's one small way you can make yourself a bit happier? Pick one thing this month and try to get it in every day! This month I want you to focus on upping your happiness and satisfaction quotient! Pick a thing and let someone know (social media is good for that accountability - or some friends!) and get it done! Live healthy, be happy. Boom!