Here are your August Challenges!

Try to do these every day this month! You'll see and feel some amazing changes! Whether you are a current client, a Savage Wellness Center member, a past client or even a friend of a friend, these challenges are for you! Every month I'll give you a set of challenges to help you create healthier habits! Keep track and post your progress on social media - or really just post you doing anything healthy and awesome - hashtag #besavagewell #swellaugustchallenge and tag me (@savagewellness on Instagram or Savage Wellness or Shannon Shearn on Facebook) and be entered into our monthly raffle for some awesome prizes! 


Nutrition Challenge:

Eat the rainbow! This one is not as hard as it sounds! If you are looking to work on getting more variety of healthy foods and less processed foods into your diet, this is a fun and quite simple way to do it. Every day eat 7 different colors of foods. Unfortunately, Skittles don't count. Even better if you can get them all in one meal! Strawberries, peaches, summer squash, leafy greens, blueberries, whole grains or beans! The rule is each color "entry" needs to be a whole food. No processing or individual packaging. I'll allow an organic milk or yogurt of any variety here but other than that, choose whole foods! Can't wait to see your posts!


Fitness Challenge:

1 outdoor "activity" every day! Obviously you may miss a day or three, but don't let that stop you! You can still enter and post. Try to get in 31 and see how amazing you feel! This has to be something you are CHOOSING to do each day. An extra activity you are adding in just for your health and happiness! Hikes are awesome and you can escape the heat a bit by getting in the hills. Walks with friends or for date night are also AWESOME. Even a quick walk or jog around the block will count - what's that? 5 minutes?? Get the kids out and race them to the park or take your workout outside. Or even just do a little set of jumping jacks and lunges and pushups on your patio! Whatever it is, get outside and get active!


Wellness Challenge:

Gifts! As we get into the back to school rush and finishing up with vacations and pool parties galore, let's take the focus off ourselves and our busy schedules at least for a few minutes a day. Again, you may not get this in every day, but try to make it happen! I am so excited to see what you all come up with! Make a card for a friend. Pick some flowers for a neighbor. Grab an extra coffee for your office mate or even the person behind you in line. Leave a big tip or even a thank you note at dinner! Remember that partner of yours who sometimes gets lost in the shuffle? Give him or her a backrub or make their favorite meal for dinner. The possibilities are endless. Get creative and let me know what you're up to by posting it and tagging me!