Here are your September Challenges!

Try to do these every day this month! You'll see and feel some amazing changes! Whether you are a current client, a Savage Wellness Center member, a past client or even a friend of a friend, these challenges are for you! Every month I'll give you a set of challenges to help you create healthier habits! Keep track and post your progress on social media - or really just post you doing anything healthy and awesome - hashtag #besavagewell #swellaugustchallenge and tag me (@savagewellness on Instagram or Savage Wellness or Shannon Shearn on Facebook) and be entered into our monthly raffle for some awesome prizes! 


Nutrition Challenge:

Pick your poison! Ok, so no poison here and always remember: There are no bad foods! BUT, this month let's identify one unhealthy nutrition habit and try to tackle it! Maybe you feel like you overdo it with the sugar after dinner. Or you could ease up on your evening cocktails just a smidge? Maybe it's that you skip meals or snacks and end up chowing down on your next meal and going a bit overboard. Maybe you have a few habits you'd like to address! This month I want you to choose ONE. Focus on getting enough consistent nutrition throughout the day so you don't binge at night. Or dial in your sugar intake by allowing yourself one treat once a day. Or maybe when you get stressed you turn to food for comfort or a reward - if that's the case, take this month to find a non food related reward or treat... Let us know what you're working on and post on your page for accountability, or ask for help by emailing me or posting in my private S.Well Moms group for ideas!


Fitness Challenge:

10 Alternating Lunges, 20 counter push ups and 30 squats a day. GO! Find a time each day to get in a strength set - something that works for you and you can create a routine around! If you don't like the circuit above, create your own with your own favorite exercises. You will be surprised at how strong you feel even if that is all you do for a month! I have one client who does a little circuit each time she gets up from her desk to go to the bathroom and another who does a little strength workout during the 2 minutes her kiddos brush their teeth. Find a time of day you can make a rule to get it in and see how you feel in a month! Post videos of you getting in your daily circuit and tag me PLEASE! I love this one!


Wellness Challenge:

Help! We all need it and it's really hard to ask for it. This month I want you to help someone once a day. Branch out and help a stranger or celebrate your daily efforts helping your friends and family (yes, this is an amazing thing you do. It's not your duty, you are a good person for doing all you do). Every time you help someone, you make the world a better place. Even if it's your own kid. There are plenty of people out there who don't even do that. So get out there and smile for someone who looks like they could use one, or give a hand crossing the street or carrying groceries. Sometimes we don't want to offend people by assuming they need help. Sometimes someone isn't ready to accept they need help. But it is never rude to offer it even if they don't take it. So let that mama at the grocery store who's kid is melting down know what a great job she is doing. That's a huge help (I've been there!). If you have kids, you are constantly helping someone or a few someones! So make note of it and celebrate it!