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This week has probably been the healthiest I’ve felt in years! Well rested, strong, organized, on top of things, making a difference in not only my life but in the lives of those around me.
— Mom of 2 boys under 6

Join the 100s of other moms who’ve regained control of their health and happiness

Stop trying and start doing and let’s GET SAVAGE!

Let’s face it, self care feels like an elusive unicorn now that we are moms…

What once felt like just part of how we’re supposed to go through life, feels like a luxury.

Grocery shopping without kids in tow = sheer bliss.

An uninterrupted shower? Heaven.

So when it comes to creating healthy routines, that just feels like a lot of work, time and suffering to add to a life already full of a lot of to-dos, work (and suffering — I mean, how many times can I step on a lego before I actually go insane??).

That’s why I created Savage Wellness!

Let go of the work and stress associated with your healthy living goals and sit back and let me help you make it happen

We moms have enough on our plates! Our own self care shouldn’t have to be what’s cast aside. My own experience with postpartum depression and anxiety showed me firsthand what can happen when we do that.

I spent over 2 years working with over 100 mamas and various wellness professionals to develop and test my programs so I can create something that works. So you, mama, can get the support, inspiration and make sure you have the self love and confidence you need to thrive in #momlife!

When you take my courses, work with me one on one or join the Virtual Gym, I take care of you so you can focus on chasing after those adorable little mini-devils.

Get weekly workouts, healthy recipes, monthly goals and challenges, and coaching to help you stay on track and find an approach to healthy living that is:

  • effective

  • sustainable

  • feels awesome

  • and gives you all the support, resources and accountability you need without breaking the bank.

BOOM! Check it out for yourself!


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