Week 8 Holiday Challenge

You've made it! It's almost 2019 and you have made such an incredible choice to head into 2019 with a new outlook on healthy living!

Regardless of the points you earned, you challenged yourself to live healthier this holiday season and you should be so proud of your efforts. No focusing on anything you didn't do, let's stay focused on what you DID do for yourself and all those choices you made to help you feel awesome and in control.

Every choice you made (and every choice you make) is a choice that is YOURS to make and you chose to prioritize your health and happiness these past 8 weeks. That's amazing and gives you a huge jumpstart on making 2019 the start of the best years of your life.

Let's hit this last week hard and look forward to the best year yet. And don't forget that I AM HERE TO HELP! Please feel free to reach out for help, a free consult and strategizing or just to say hi!

FIRST, let's give a shout out to those of us who raised some money last week! We're at $270 so far (which is AWESOME) and I want to beat last year's $885 so keep it coming (and this week isn't over so you can still win the 40 point jackpot)!

Don't be afraid to ask for donations and let everyone know what you're up to! Your loved ones will be happy to support you and your healthy living efforts by contributing to the children and families at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital!

Okay, Holiday Savage, here is your final set of challenges!

Quick view summary of Week 8:

  • Nutrition: Eat DARK leafy greens once a day

  • Fitness Challenge: Schedule your workouts (and stick to it!)

  • Wellness Challenge: Pick your favorite habit!

And don’t forget to check out the Holiday Challenge Virtual Gym (pswd: S.WellHolidays) - It’s an amazing resource for you guys!


Let’s eat DARK leafy greens once a day this week - a kale salad, some spinach in your eggs, put 'em in a wrap, make a side of collard greens (stewed in crushed tomatoes, onions and garlic - YUM!) - let’s get creative and share on Social Media! Check out my Pinterest board for ideas!


Make a plan and create a workout schedule (bonus point if you schedule a free consult with me to make sure you find something that will stick!)! And ANOTHER Bonus Point every time utilize the Virtual Gym for your workouts!

Set your activity goals - at least for January but ideally for LIFE! What feels good to you? What are your goals? Maybe it's 2 fitness classes and 2 home workouts a week. Maybe it's getting in 20+ minutes of any activity every day. Maybe it's 3 strength workouts and 2 cardio workouts. Remember that a healthy mix of strength work/pilates and cardio is ideal. Stretching/yoga is also important to throw in the mix, too!

Sit down with a calendar or get a white board for your kitchen and plan your weekly workouts!


Pick your favorite challenge - meditation, journaling, letter writing, throwing yourself dance parties - whatever you want to make a habit in 2019. Pick one wellness habit and commit to doing it every day this week (and all of January (at least!)).

Bonus workout:

Cardio: This is a great cardio/strength workout you can do - super effective for calorie burning AND upping the health of your heart and body. BOOM!

5 min warm up

3 min slow jog or brisk walk

2 min pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Ideally it's not easy to hold a conversation or speak more than a few words at a time. But you shouldn't feel light headed or be in any pain!

STOP (you can rest for 20 seconds or so) - alternating lunges for 1 min

3 min slow jog or brisk walk

2 min faster and pushing yourself

STOP (you can rest for 20 seconds or so) - push up to side plank (on ground or against a bench or wall: Push up and then lift one arm and reach up as you pivot into side plank. Come back to another push up and then pivot and reach on the other side) repeat for 1 min

3 min slow jog or brisk walk

2 min faster and pushing yourself

STOP (you can rest for 20 seconds or so) - alternating side lunges for 1 min

3 min slow jog or brisk walk

2 min faster and pushing yourself

STOP (you can rest for 20 seconds or so) - Monkeys for 1 min (Monkeys: Hold a sumo squat and place hands behind the head - lean to one side to try to touch that elbow to that knee. Come back to center and touch the other elbow to the other knee)

3 min slow jog or brisk walk

2 min faster and pushing yourself 

STOP (you can rest for 20 seconds or so) - mountain climbers for 1 min

10 minutes walk/jog/run at a pace you feel like you are pushing yourself a bit outside of your comfort zone but feels comfortable and do-able.

5 min (Minimum!) stretching (check the Virtual Gym for some!

Keep on being amazing!