Holiday Challenge Week 4! 

We are almost halfway through this challenge and I would LOVE to hear from you! Please take just a few minutes to fill out this form and let me know how you're doing. Remember, I'm here to help make sure you are feeling AWESOME. So use me!

December is here and we are ready to break out the Holiday cheer! Chanukah is early this year so many of you are lighting the menorah and prepping for some family time. And if you're celebrating two holidays this month like we are, you have a TON of decorations to get out, lots of lights to hang, tinsel to spread, and shopping to get done, too!

Here is your week 4 plan to keep you feeling grounded, in control and taking care of YOU!

Quick view summary of Week 4:

  • Nutrition: Do some herb ;)

  • Fitness Challenge: 40 alternating lunges a day

  • Wellness Challenge: Meditate (OMMMMM)

Week 4 Nutrition Challenge

This week let’s get hooked on the HERB (and spices!)! Check out this PDF for some awesome info on herbs and spices and how and why to use them. Add them to your meals and life this week and share your recipes and thoughts on social media and tag me @savagewellness and #SwellHolidayChallenge to get an extra point!

Week 4 Wellness Challenge

This week let’s meditate! Meditation is no longer a thing of patchouli, banging gongs and growing your armpit hair long, it is becoming a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. CEOs, entrepreneurs, and successful and happy people of all walks of life are taking 5 minutes out of their day to calm their mind and bring presence and mindfulness to their days. Try it out for yourself for at least a week and see what all the hype is about!

There are apps like Calm and headspace that have some wonderful guided meditations and I have a bunch of free meditations and resources for you in your Holiday Challenge Virtual Gym! If you want to really dive in, join me in trying out this FREE 25 days of Meditations to give you a guided meditation to explore every day for the next 25 days!

Week 4 Fitness Challenge

Try doing 40 alternating lunges per day this week! Hold on to something for balance or grab onto a bar or counter to use your arms to help out! Go all the way down to the ground with the back knee, or just lower half way (check this video for tips!). If you have trouble with your knees, you can do hip bridges instead! 20 on each side single leg bridge or 40 double leg bridges!

Let’s get started on your Workout Advent Calendar!

Studies have shown that just 21 minutes of elevated heart rate can help calm the nerves and release endorphins. So remember that! See if you can get a workout in every day for the next 25 days! (Psst: Tag me and #25daysofworkouts and snag an extra point!)

Anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed or less than awesome, try to grab 21 minutes to release some endorphins and boost your mood.

I LOVE a solo or family dance party for times like that, especially if you can’t make a workout happen! Even a 5 minute circuit of WHATEVER you can think of can count so make it work. You know what I always say: Some minutes are WAY better than no minutes! Sign up for some classes to really help keep you accountable (and get the extra points there, too!)!

Here's your bonus workout!

This week I'm introducing you to PYRAMIDS! (slow clap from my clients who already know about these)

This is a great, quick workout. It’s simple and effective and you may feel like stopping at level 7 but I PROMISE you can do it if you keep going - it gets easier and easier as you go through it (kinda)! You can add in your own pyramids too if you want to bulk it up!!

Warm up for 3-5 minutes!

Pyramid 1:

  • 10 push ups (hands holding weights)

  • and then come up onto your knees with those weights and do 10 curls*

  • Now do the same with 9 reps of each. Then 8, then 7... see where this is going?

Pyramid 2:

  • 10 leg lifts lying on your back (keep the spine pressed into the ground and neck and shoulders relaxed)

  • and then sit up and grab your weights (you can split the legs apart a bit for flexibility so you can really sit up tall with the belly in and shoulders back and do 10 overhead presses*.

  • Then we go on up that pyramid!!

Pyramid 3:

  • 10 sumo squats (feet wider than shoulders and turned out a bit - torso stays upright) - Use the tushie muscles to keep the knees pulled out over the feet as you bend down. If you can keep your hands behind your head like you’re being arrested and get those shoulders down and back, that is a great workout for the upper back.

  • 10 Monkeys (Hold that sumo squat low and keeping the hands behind the head, lean to one side and try to get that elbow down to that knee and then come back to center and lean to the other side - that equals 1 rep).

  • And then Climb that Pyramid, too!

REST! Repeat or stretch!

*If you don’t have weights, replace the curls with dips (slightly less fluid for the pyramid but whatevs) and replace the overhead presses with mountain climbers (each leg coming in = 1 rep)

Some pics in case you need a visual ;)

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 7.22.34 PM.png

Healthy(ish) Spiced Recipes

Try these out this week and post your thoughts or tips on the recipe on social media and tag me on Instagram or Facebook @savagewellness and hashtag #swellholidaychallenge!

Turmeric Roasted Carrots With Cumin

Turmeric Roasted Carrots With Cumin

Honey Lemon Ginger Chicken

Honey Lemon Ginger Chicken

Salted Dark Chocolate Bark with Cayenne Pepper

Salted Dark Chocolate Bark with Cayenne Pepper