As we settle into the daily chaos that is the holiday season, I am so proud of you all for committing some energy and focus to yourselves and your health!

*virtual high five!*

Let's get started!*

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This week I've got some challenges coming your way to get you started with a little #fitspo (that's Millennial for fitness inspiration ;) if you're like me and have no idea about these things).

First let's just cover some basic ground rules about healthying up your nutrition:

  • Daily intake - try to focus on having 4 small meals and one bigger one (usually dinner but I often recommend lunch to be the biggie).

  • Don’t go more than 3 hours between a “meal.” If you need help with organizing your daily intake, feel free to reach out to me for a personalized plan. 

  • During the day, try to decrease your sugar intake as much as possible (this includes simple carbohydrates like white bread and potatoes, too!). We want to even out your blood sugar to decrease cravings and HANGER! And saving your sweet treats for the evening not only helps with that but also keeps you more mindful and allows you to really sit and enjoy your treats.

  • Booze and coffee - I mean, isn’t that the sustenance of the holiday spirit (no pun intended)?? Keep having your coffee but try to get the sugar and processed milk products out of there. If you like sweet, add a bit of REAL sugar. None of these yucky substitutes. For milk, go organic (and grass fed!) if possible. Keep the fat in there and decrease the amount you use. Almond and Coconut milks are great subs but often have a ton of sugar and preservatives so check your labels!

  • For booze, given it's the holidays and there are party's (and stress!) galore, I'm giving you a goal of 7 drinks per week! That's one a night or save them up to be able to splurge a bit more at the festivities (or to help you get through the excess family time!). Obvi I don't want you to increase your boozing to hit that 7, that's just for those of you who have a tendency to feel like you accidentally overdo it.

  • When at a party, drink water between each alcoholic drink. Try to reduce your intake to just “as needed” as opposed to the mindless extra drinks we often consume just for something to do or just because you can.

Just stay mindful!

If you need some ideas about wrangling some of your nutritional habits that may be standing in your way, check out my blog for a bunch of awesome posts covering everything from reducing sugar and processed foods to gaining more control over emotional eating tendencies.

Week 1 Wellness Challenge:

We started with some worksheets to help us focus on ourselves. Now, let's get in the holiday spirit! It’s the season of giving THANKS so let’s start by reminding ourselves what we’re Thankful for!

Every morning I’d like for you to write down 3 things you’re thankful for.

Repetition is ok, but try to think about what is coming at you every day and what you can take away from the day before (my tip: I love to structure it as one thing that relates to your partner (or friends/family), one thing that relates to your kids (or work!) and one thing that comes just from you — who you are or what you did that was awesome that day. I feel like that helps cultivate an appreciation for those relationships that may sometimes get overlooked). You can record it on your phone, or in a cool journal you keep by the bed.

Week 1 Fitness Challenge:

2 minutes of planks a day! On your toes, on your elbows, on your knees, against a counter at an incline, or add mountain climbers, side planks, or plank jacks to the mix! Do 4 sets of 30 seconds or do them all at once or break them down into 15 second intervals. Whatever you've got!

If you'd like to track you progress and create some changes this season, please fill out this form so I can keep a record for you!

Bonus Workout:

Need some cardio inspiration you can do at home? I love this quick cardio workout. Also, try to get the family outdoors or go to the gym for date night (or even just a walk before or after dinner)! Make your coffee date with your friends a hiking date or see if your business meeting can go outside for a walking meeting. Let’s get ACTIVE! Don't forget you have access to an amazing Resource Center (password: S.WellHolidays) in my Virtual Gym! Workouts, stretching, foam rolling, meditations, AND MORE!

Warm up for 3-5 minutes

Do each of the following for 1 minute. Rest when you need, it’s just as many reps as you can do in a minute. Cycle through as many times as you can with a one minute rest after each run through. 3x is great but even if you can just do it once, that is still SOOOOO good for you! As always, keep the shoulders back and down and the belly button pulled in toward your spine.

  • Squats or “sit down, stand ups” on a low chair

  • Alternating lunges (twist upper body toward the front leg if you want a little transverse abdominal work, too)

  • Mountain climbers (plank and bring one knee in at a time)

  • Bicycles (lying on the back, bring one knee in at a time and reach opposite elbow toward that knee)

  • Burpees (Calm down, you can modify by stepping in and out rather than jumping! And do that push up on your knees or skip it all together. Make this your own challenge!)

  • Sumo squat side kick (Legs wide and feet turned out, squat down and when you come up to stand, lift one leg straight out to the side) Alternate sides.

  • Push ups! (on the toes, on the knees or against a counter or bench - what ever works!)

  • Step ups on the right leg (add a leg kick and reach for the toe with the opposite hand at the top for extra ab work)

  • Step ups on the left leg (same addition!)

  • Jumping jacks

  • REST, Repeat or Stretch!


Here are a couple dinner ideas to help keep you enthused about cutting sugar and preservatives and still eating DELICIOUS food! Try these out this week and post your thoughts or tips on the recipe on social medial and tag me on Instagram or Facebook @savagewellness and hashtag #swellhollidays!

Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Spaghetti Squash