Hi Challenger!


You've signed up for the annual Savage Wellness Holiday Challenge and I am SO excited to help you stay focused on YOU this holiday season!

The holidays are the season of giving and loving and celebrating life and our beliefs. But along with all of that love and celebration comes pressure, indulgence, and a lot of cold winter nights.

So I am here to be the little healthy angel on your shoulder whispering sweet nothings in your ear. I will help you prioritize your own needs, health and happiness while still enjoying and taking in all that the holidays throw your way.

So let's get STARTED!

We start Nov. 12! Each week on Sunday, you'll get a set of challenges, some yummy and healthy recipes, and a little workout to keep you moving! You will get your first week's email Nov. 11

1. Let's all start by filling out this intake form!

2. Awesome! Now, download your 8 Week Challenge Worksheet (click button below). This is how you enter the challenge! Print this out and place it somewhere you will see it every day. Get your points and stay awesome through the holidays!

3. Check out your Resource Center (which you’re already doing because you’re here). For the duration of this challenges, you have access to a bunch of awesome workouts and resources at your disposal to help you live healthy and feel awesome! Password: S.WellHolidays

4. And finally, let's kick this challenge off by saying goodbye to 2018, setting some goals, and starting a conversation with 2019 YOU with this workbook! (click the button below) There are 3 worksheets. Have fun with these - they're supposed to be a bit silly but get you to start thinking about a healthier you. Fill them out and keep them somewhere safe to look back on OR scan them and send them to me! I'll send them back to you at the end of the challenge for a fun reflection!

I TOLD YOU this was going to be AWESOME!

Give your loved ones the gift of a healthy and happy Holiday Season and send them this link to sign up: https://www.besavagewell.com/savage-wellness-products/holidaychallenge2018 (or hit me up for a gift certificate!)

Challenges are so much more fun with friends! And goals are so much more likely to be accomplished when you've got an awesome community of support around you. So don't keep this clean little secret to yourself! Spread the word and share some awesome with the people you love!

Ask me about the Holiday Challenge for your business! Keep your workplace healthy and inspired through flu season - happy and productive employees are the best - we have a great promotion to help!



Keep on being amazing!