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Dive in and Get After your Goals!

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Life is too short to keep wondering what if…


In addition to our revolutionary 6 Weeks to Wellness Course, Goal Getters get:

  • An initial 60 minute one-on-one strategy session with your coach

  • Daily Wellness Journal with reviews and individual feedback from your coach.

  • A private Facebook community just for this group with all of the Savage Wellness coaches, inspiration, motivation, and resources at your fingertips.

  • Weekly check ins and group coaching calls

  • A final 60 minute exit strategy sesh.

  • New BFFs for LIFE

Price: $897

A private and group coaching coaching experience for the support you need to

Get. It. Done!

With a coach by your side (ok, in your pocket), a select group of 20 dedicated mamas will dive in with personal and group coaching to learn how to enjoy life AND create the consistent habits and shift in mindset to keep reaching for your goals - no matter WHAT pops up!

Utilizing the 6 Weeks to Wellness Course we are committing, TOGETHER, to prioritizing our health and happiness!

Your goals will become my goals (which become OUR goals) and, together, we will make it happen!

*If you’re looking for a more personalized experience and daily on-demand access to your coach, or you just want to get started right away without a group program, check out Shannon’s personal coaching packages here.

I’ve tried so many different fitness and wellness programs. I felt like I knew what to do, I just couldn’t get it to stick. And then I found Shannon and she showed me how to make healthy living work for MY life. This program is realistic, it works with my busy lifestyle, and it helped me make the mental shift I needed to understand not just what I needed to be doing, but how to stay consistent and feel great while I do it. I can’t recommend this program and Shannon’s coaching more highly. Every mom should get to feel Savage.
— Abigail, part time working mom of 4

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Still thinking about it?

I know it’s an investment, but what’s more important than your health and your future? $897 is a lot to lose if you buy this and don’t follow through, so let’s make sure you do! For the healthy life you will be getting when you commit to YOU, this a bargain!

So let’s break this down:

  • Personal training: $125/1 hour in the gym

  • Babysitting/childcare: $10-$30/hour

  • Yoga classes: $10-$40 a pop

  • Nutrition coaching: $100/week

  • Gym membership: $25-$500/mo

  • Results you get and timeline to get there? Let me know ;)

As a personal trainer, I used to watch clients buy 10pack after 10pack of training sessions with me (over $1K a pop!) and while I was always happy for the repeat business (and I LOVED seeing my clients every week), I couldn’t shake the feeling that I didn’t feel successful at my job if people had to keep coming back.

I didn’t just want to help people get their workouts in, I wanted to teach them how to stay motivated, proud, and consistent without me, not add another item on their to-do list or source of guilt for missing a meet up with me when I knew first hand how many curve balls we mamas are thrown every day.

So, with just a passion for finding a better way to help mamas everywhere reach their health goals without feeling guilty, self conscious, overwhelmed and overworked, I created Savage Wellness. I spent 3 years creating, testing, and tweaking this program - with over 100 mamas - to reach your goals and find the health and joy you need to thrive!

Dive in and get Savage and we’ll get you to your goals and start feeling like this life is just the beginning!

Your goals are now my goals and together we will make it happen!