Custom Coaching and Accountability Plans

One of the hardest parts about making healthy changes in your life is the uncertainty of knowing what is working and what is not. Whether you are looking for a lifestyle change, or have goals of building strength, dealing with chronic pain, or torching body fat, I will customize a program that works for your needs and fits into your lifestyle so you can conquer your goals!

With my coaching and accountability programs, you will have a professional with you every step of the way so you can feel confident about the path you are on!

Together, we will create the perfect plan to get you where you want to be (and beyond!). This can all be done online - no need to be local! 

Below is a list of services we will pick and choose from to create the perfect customized coaching plan for your needs and budget:

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  • Custom strength and cardio plans with Progressive workouts designed just for your needs

  • Nutrition program tailored to your goals

  • Wellness practices to help you stay calm and mindful

  • Daily or weekly coaching and accountability check ins

  • On-Demand coaching and guidance - I’m here for you when you need me!

  • In person or streaming one on one personal training sessions

  • Grocery shopping and meal planning help

  • Time management coaching for helping you make your days and weeks successful and as stress free as possible

  • Every coaching plans comes with an all access pass to the Online Savage Wellness Center with workout videos, resources and Q&As with a team of incredible wellness professionals for all your health and wellness needs!

Pricing ranges from $350/mo to $1,300/mo depending on services needed. 

Remember: This program is designed to get you to your goals. You and I will work together to design a plan that works for your lifestyle and keeps you motivated and inspired. Hiring a personal trainer, seeing a nutritionist, visiting a movement specialist and even getting to a class enough to address your goals will cost waaaayyyyy more than working with me and will take a lot longer to get you where you want to be - out of pain, back into your clothes, feeling better - whatever the goal. So let's do this. You're out of excuses!