The 3 Week (f)UN-Diet


Kick off your Virtual Gym membership by learning how to get Savage!

*Feeling overwhelmed with where to start your healthy living efforts?

*Want to get to classes but worried that they will make you feel defeated or lead to injury?

*Can’t figure out how to find the time and energy you need to create a healthier routine?

*Tried other programs that just didn’t stick?

This 3 week course is a great way to ease in and learn about (and DO) the simple and effective things that will get you sleeping better, increase your energy, decrease your waistline and settle into the healthy habits that will keep you living the healthy lifestyle you’ve been trying to get to!

With the 3 Week (f)UN- Diet:

  • We learn about small healthy habits you can incorporate into your busy lifestyle

  • We celebrate our successes, no matter how small, so we can stay consistent and SEE RESULTS.

  • We get active in ways that feel good and build strength to protect your body from injury so you can keep reaching and surpassing your goals.

  • And we create healthy habits to get you back in the driver’s seat of your nutrition intake so you can make the healthy choices you know will keep you feeling awesome. (And wine. We still drink wine, because #momlife)

Let go of the stress of trying to figure out what will work. That’s my job, now. Follow along and feel awesome and let’s get you feeling SAVAGE!

This course includes three weeks of healthy habits geared to help you regain control of your healthy choices.

Each week you get:

  • 3 healthy habits to focus on,

  • workouts designed to keep you moving well and getting strong in all the right places,

  • an accountability workbook,

  • 6 months of access to the Savage Wellness Virtual Gym (a $99 value),

  • and a private community with access to your coach and fun prizes, incentives and motivation to get and stay SAVAGE!!

Price: $139

I'm ready to get SAVAGE